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 Why do people get abused if their opinion are different to others? (7)

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Why do people get abused if their opinion are different to others?

I dislike Homosexuals, but I get abused because my opinion is different than others. WHY?!!!!
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Disliking homosexuals is one thing, blatantly spreading blind hatred is a completely different thing.

This debate is a touch hypocritical, you bash homosexuals for no good reason and get your panties in a bunch when people think you are a despicable shit.

MegaDittos(571) Disputed
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Disliking anti-homosexuals is one thing but calling someone a despicable shit is spreading a blind hatred and is a different thing.

ricedaragh(2494) Disputed
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You're probably right, it was a bit immature of me to just say that.

The matter is though, that christjesus has bashed homosexuals in every debate regardless of topic and proceeded to label me a pedophile for questioning him. After his being argued into a corner he then decides that people are against him because of a difference of opinion. This would be a true statement if he had kept his gay-bashing for actual debates about homosexuality instead of trying to make everything about homosexuality.

iamdavidh(4856) Disputed Banned
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Obviously you have not seen christjesus arguments.

I'll help, they all look the same.

"He's a fag" or "She's a fag" or "you should be allowed to rape lesbians"

The criticism he's received is all well founded.

Side: pretty sure christjesus is gay