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Whites must be cancelled. Must kill off religion.
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Why do so many people not recognize that wokeism is the the real enemy within?

Woke is the real ''ENEMY-WITHIN'', and represents the biggest threat to western society since Hitler's Germany, Stalin's U.S.S.R., and Mao's China. 
Wokeism was spawned some 100 years ago but due to National traditions and the mainstream religions, failed to make much progress.
However the tactics of the sinister left-wing-wokester academics in our universities and schools over the past few decades has proven to be highly successful and we now seeing growing numbers of white children becoming convinced that due to NOTHING ELSE, other than the color of their skin they are evil and telling their parents that their teacher has explained how they are **R-A-Y-CI-S-T-S** and should be ashamed of themselves. 
This Nazi type indoctrination must be challenged with reason and patience and if children are being brainwashed with the woke propaganda by their teachers they ABSOLUTELY MUST be removed from their school.

Whites must be cancelled.

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Must kill off religion.

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The march of wokeism is engulfing our institutions of learning and instilling the message in our impressionable children and naturally bolshie/rebellious youths that white-men are evil and should be conscience-stricken for no other reason than the color of their skin.

Wokeism is raw and dangerous racism which must be confronted wherever and whenever it raises its ugly head.

The Swedes have taken wokeism to a whole new level and are now paying the price for their blind stupity.

Of course they live in denial and will refute any such allegations.

Side: Whites must be cancelled.
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The religion of wokeism has cleverly positioned itself to fill the void left by the receding numbers of Christians and is taking over such power bases as Silicon Valley, the main, so called social media sites, and of course the democrat party as well as preaching a doctrine of, think the worst of people, especially whites

The woke brigade are heavily involved in ingraining a sense of victimhood in the young vulnerable minds of our children and promoting unjustifiable feelings of self-loathing for having been born with white skin.


Side: Must kill off religion.