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 Why do so many school shootings happen in America? (8)

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Why do so many school shootings happen in America?

This morning I was watching the news, and apparently there was a school shooting (forgot where exactly), where a 12 year old kid fired shots for 10 seconds, shooting an 11 year old boy in the face and a 12 year old girl on the arm. Why do so many of these shootings happen in America? How exactly does a 12 year old kid get hold of a gun anyway? I'm just worried about how this situation is being handled.

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Because of gun rights.

Because, th USA gives average people acces to guns that are used on the battlefield. Our Gunrights are fucking horrible.

In Japan it takes you years just to get a license. Adam Lanza (a god among men, that should be worshipped)didn't kill those worthless kids, the US government did.

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Many school shootings happen because of the child is being bullied and they can't take enough of what they are dealing with and they want to get rid of the problem. Other times, they feel hopeless and they want to be loved but people don't really notice them at all.

Because you have stupid gun laws. In the UK we are civilized people who do not own guns.

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Poor mental health care.

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It is mostly because whenever there is a shooting we focus on how to take away guns instead of teaching people to be better. It seems really weird to me to complain about the gun laws. Was it legal for this kid to take the gun to school? Was it legal for this kid to pull the gun out? Was it legal for this kid to start shooting the gun? Was it legal for this kid to shooting people with this gun? We have laws now.

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My view is the very relaxed gun laws in the US coupled with the fact that the people whose job it is to impose those laws not doing their job or when they have done their job the people who have then been given the responsibility of gun ownership not treating their weapons responsibly.

This is by no means a dig at the many responsible gun owners in America but rather the ones who don't seem to realise how dangerous these weapons can be

Plenty of parents don't take the time to check what their kids are doing. Gun violence in America can trigger a child to commit violence with a gun.