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 Why do sportsmen not take offense towards fans? (3)

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Why do sportsmen not take offense towards fans?

The fans are often terribly rude. They love their idols as long as they win and if they do lose, they literally hate them. Remember the story of Virat Kohli when, after his team's defeat he was threatened with the death of his daughter? The world seems to have gone mad. But it's just my opinion. I'm waiting for YOUR thoughts about this.
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You know, I'm pretty old now and used to resent a lot of unfair things in sport too. But I see the world differently now. I just bet on mostbet india and get happy when I get money. It's the only place where my emotions come in contact with sports. If you delve into all the sentiment that goes on there every single day, you could go crazy.

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Honestly I don't care at all who is offended by who. it seems to me that too much attention is paid to sport. It's a waste of time. Just like in the case of the celebrities. You guys spend too much time and attention on serving other people's lives. Take care of yourselves.

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Well, if we start with premise that no one has a right not to be offended we will arrive at the conclusion if you're going to enter into any activity such as sports or entertainment that involves public audiences you had better be thick skinned.

Many people identify with sports as an extension of their egos and if their team or sporting individual hero fails to achieve total success their tribal followers feel betrayed and personally shamed.

In their state of humiliation they become enraged and vent their anger on the individual(s) whom they consider humbled them.

But let's not forget, 'SPORT IS WAR, WITHOUT THE BULLETS'.