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''Not another foot of wall''. ''Going to build more wall''.
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Why does America lack a proper democracy and leadership?

Why does the IMBECILE not publish the cost of his open border policy.
Why does the IMBECILE  not submit detailed figures and nature of the crimes committed by his immigrants?
Why do illegal immigrants enjoy better lifestyles than millions of hard working Americans on low incomes?
Why is THE IMBECILE still in office?

''Not another foot of wall''.

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''Going to build more wall''.

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It's a controlled demolition of America by the Communists. Some are foreign. Some are domestic. Lenin said it himself: "we will sell the capitalists the rope with which we shall hang them". They know the establishment will sell America to the highest bidder. Globalism is a buzz word that simply means western nations' leaders protect multi billion dollar companies by allowing them to move to countries that will let them have slave labor and help them evade paying taxes to western countries. It's simply pay for play. Communists pay the western leaders. Western leaders sell America until there's nothing left to sell. China is simply waiting for the day that America can't afford to win a war. It may just be today. If it's not today, it will be very soon.

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Norwich(524) Clarified
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Well, that political, economic and ideological analysis was a genuine work of literary art.

Frightening as it is, I feel your concise summary is not only true, but is being played out before our very eyes.

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seanB(950) Disputed
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I agree America seems to be currently going to hell in a hand-basket and into neomarxist madness but I'm not convinced it's to do with "big corporate America". Seems to me to be more to do with culture war instigated by internet troll armies in authoritarian countries; that and the neofeminist distraction that's being played out in the open nut-house.

Saying that, protections from malicious foreign investment wouldn't hurt the cause of protecting democratic societies. The UK are about to pass a huge bill attempting to future proof the educational system, politics, social media and businesses from neomarxist foreign influence, cancel culture and attacks on freedom of expression, free speech, rule of law and malicious foreign investment. I believe the US government also recently passed some legislation about protecting intellectual property rights and privileged university research from espionage by foreign students (mainly Chinese) and corrupt professors and whatnot.

I can see your point about the communists seemingly playing the Western leaders but I also see the intelligence agencies and lawmakers behind the scenes very lucidly aware of these threats, too.

I hope this whole gender madness and the veil lifting away from "developed China" narratives can open people's eyes a bit.

Anyway, I don't know if you remember me but I left this site a few years ago, moved to an ex communist country, and came back changed.

Check out "wumao" on Google. And down the Rabbit Hole you go.

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After stating that ''not another foot of wall would be built'' THE IMBECILE'' announced that he is going to continue building ''THE WALL''.

This U-Turn is of course only a ploy to increase his fortunes at the forthcoming midterms.

What a devious, slimy little turd of a man.

THE IMBECILE is disliked and distrusted by our allies and laughed at by our enemies.

Under THE IMBECILE America has become the object of endless international ridicule and a source of entertaining satire.

Side: ''Not another foot of wall''.
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Instead of the United States being internationally referred to as ''UNCLE SAM'',

it is now better known as ''AUNT SALLY''.


Yes sirree Bob, that's how America is perceived by its allies and foes alike.

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Why can WORZEL the SCARECROW or Aunt Sally not string together one coherent sentence between them?

While listening to the gobbledygook of WORZEL and AUNT SALLY is a form of entertainment in itself it is not what they were elected for.

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