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Uncontrollable spitefulness. A true intellectual midget.
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Why does Biden demean America on the world stage?

Having chickened out of a news conference with Russia's Dictator President Biden used the N.AT.O., conference to praise despot Vladimir Putin ( a cowardly run-in to  'one-on-one' forthcoming meeting ) and then commenced to denounce around half of the American electorate  by publicly lambasting the Republican Party and demeaning ex-President Trump.
The attending *heads of State* looked at each other in bemused puzzlement as the spiteful old man made a fool of himself and his country.
Grown-up political statesmen do not behave in this embarrassing adolescent manner. 

Uncontrollable spitefulness.

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A true intellectual midget.

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I watched in horror and painful embarrassment as this senile old galoot further soiled the status of the office of PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA with his school-boy attack on the second largest political party in the country.

Even potential junior managers are taught never to directly attack the opposition or its executives.

This resentful and malicious geriatric absolutely MUST be removed from office.

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America's ever growing list of crises including the Southern Border, exploding inflation are IN AMERICA and NOT EUROPE or VENEZUELA.

As the covid-19 death-toll nears the 600,000 milestone where is our 'doddering old senile President' Joe Biden and his sidekick, the 'Laughing Cavalier' Kamala Harris?

Anywhere as long as its far away from the utter mess they've masterfully created in 5 short months.

It really doesn't bear thinking about what will the political and economic landscape be like after these two doomsday machines have finished implimenting their destructive policies.


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excon(15408) Disputed
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Why does Biden demean America on the world stage?

Hello A:

When the world looked on, my president, the ORANGE fuck, the man we ELECTED, told everybody to inject Lysol, and shove lights up their ass to fight COVID-19..

Really. Here's the video:

I felt a bit demeaned when he exposed his idiocy. I still do.

You?? Not so much.


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Ahoghill(350) Disputed
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I've no doubt that Trump said what you attributed to him, but we're discussing Biden's woeful blunders here.

What I find fascinating is, if Biden started WW3 and then disbanded the nation's armed forces and total defense capability there would still be many people who would ignore our pending doom and apportion greater importance to criticizing Donald Trump's appearance or making reference to one of his many historical gaffs.

I genuinely cannot understand the mindset of such people who seem to give a fool's pardon to doddering Joe and his endless stream of faux pas and bring Donald Trump into the equation.

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DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
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Still pushing lies I see.

Thanks for doing the same song and dance though. It's not like we haven't seen this story taken so widely out of context before, so you're doing nothing new at this point.

Supporting Evidence: Donald Trump's remarks on possible means to treat covid-19 (
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Biden is a child inside of an adult body who sniffs little girls. Pee Wee Herman would be better than this clueless white supremacist who puts kids in cages at the border.

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''Biden's Blunder's'' in Europe are too numerous to list but they can be viewed on YouTube as a form of hysterically comical entertainment.

That is hysterically funny entertainment if you're not American. If you are then it becomes a GUT-WRENCHING HUMILIATING EXPERIENCE.

Side: A true intellectual midget.

He's pandering to his base at the expense of our country's prestige.

Side: A true intellectual midget.