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He's more stimulated away. Sleepy Joe at home.
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Why does Biden speak better in Europe than at home?

President Joe Biden gave a great speech in Europe over the week-end.
Not mincing his words he ''called a spade a spade'', and described ''THE FILTH PUTIN'' for what he is,  '' A BUTCHER''. 
Joe's speech should make us all proud to be American.
Of course his puppet masters tried to retract some of the less diplomatic elements of his address.

He's more stimulated away.

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Sleepy Joe at home.

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Joe should take more command of his Office and instruct his puppeteers to go and yodel up the canyon.

He, Joe Biden and not the handwringing back-room boys is the President of the United States of America.

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Why does Biden speak better in Europe than at home?

I've never heard Biden speak well in the last 5 years. Did I miss a speech?

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Biden said, ''Putin cannot remain in power.

Of course he can't. Until Putin goes nothing will change and the longer the Ukrainian people will have to suffer and the rest of the world's democratic nations will have to endure the economic and refugee fallout.


No weak-kneed conciliatory qualifications necessary when a statement of fact is declared.

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I understand wanting Putin to be removed. However, it has to be done from within Russia. If the USA government removes Putin it will be viewed very badly.

Pench, I feel that Biden did an awful job during this trip. He looked completely lost and confused. He went off the script and opened up a MAJOR diplomatic nightmare situation by saying Putin must be removed. Now Putin's troops and citizens are more emboldened. Putin will now most likely take an even more aggressive approach. it also closes the door on future dialogue with the west. He previously told the troops stationed in Poland that they'll be in the Ukraine. Again, this trip was a disaster of epic proportions.

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