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 Why does cocopops sound like a PragerU ad? (1)

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Why does cocopops sound like a PragerU ad?

"President Trump is an open, straight forward, larger than life character who says what he means and means what he says.

Unlike his slimy, devious Democrat backstabbing counterparts he can be relied on to be honest with the American public and will confront the nation's adversaries head on.

For two years the underhanded, double dealing left wing media ( as typified on this site by BURRO THE FILTH) did everything, in their standard crooked way to prejudice the result of the Mueller investigation by making out that President Trump was guilty as charged and it was only a matter of Mueller making the verdict official.

They openly slandered and libeled President Trump and used every dirty trick in the book in a futile attempt to have him crack under their relentless stream of fake news, lies and not so thinly veiled innuendo.

However, Donald Trump, the democratically elected President, did not succumb to their willful deceptive reporting and it is now they along with their Democrat lackeys who are in the dock for their criminality.

President Trump has come through this hysterical onslaught by the Democrats and the loony let media with shining colours and proven that he is a great man and an extraordinarily great President."

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LOL! He does bro. Cocopops is a parasite who would do and/or say anything for money. It's pretty obvious just from reading the stupid things he writes. For example:-

Trump "says what he means and means what he says"

Ahahaha. Good one.

Trump told more than 8,000 falsehoods in 2 years