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 Why does everyone hate Trump? (12)

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Why does everyone hate Trump?

I just don't understand this... Not an American or anything.. I am a Singaporean
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When someone stands up and points directly at America's problems, he will be scorned by the political class. When someone wants America to resume its leadership in the free world, he will be called Imperialist. When someone says American pride is good, he will be reviled as arrogant. When someone points out the things our government does in our name, are often stupid, he is called crass and uninformed.

There's more, but you get the idea.

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Good thing you aren't describing Trump, or you might have sounded reasonable :P

That should have been sounded unreasonable.

SophieS(22) Disputed
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While all of these things are true, due to the justification bias that plays out in politics, Trump has extended beyond the reasonable. He has made sexist and racist comments and has validated the hatred of large swaths of Americans, which is a dangerous game to be playing.

Because he is unapologetically racist, sexist, and offensive. Because he is rude, childish, and has ridiculous ideas. Because he uses his money as tools in very poor ways. And a bunch of other reasons.

And also because his hair is silly.

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It doesn't take a genius to point out America's problems, but it takes a idiot to offer some of the solutions he has. He's racist, sexist, arrogant, stubborn (in a bad, unhelpful way), and manipulative. He doesn't even want to be president, he's just sabotaging politics and ensuring that the Republicans have zero chances of taking the presidency.

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I am really glad you said this instead of what daver said. I agree that his solutions are what makes people hate him. Good point. I hope it isn't as bad as you think though.

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Trump places his self worth at 10 billion, whereas Forbes says he's only about 4 billion. Tell me again how honest he would be as President?

f you look t the poll numbers, many more people are loving Trump over the other contenders. Democrats hate trump because they fear him winning.

Everyone should fear Trump winning. He proposes absurd plans that we do not have the money for, is an unapologetic racist, sexist and bigot, and has no legitimate plans to fix our problems. He bloviates, and that's it.

I don't hate anyone but I don't care for Donald Trump because with all his money, he is not going to care about the poor and the middle class.

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He doesn't care about anybody besides himself. -----------------