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 Why does it matter what color they are? (27)

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Why does it matter what color they are?

Everywhere there is some person who does not like another, for their physical appearance. I can understand people judging people for the type of clothing(triggered towards trampy clothing), but color? I mean are they that afraid of the difference in skin tone? I believe it's whats behind the color, that is whats most important. We all have hearts, bones,etc., so why should we look at each other differently.  Have we no shame? Has it come to hating a fellow human because of one minor difference, in which they can't control. Have we all hid away from what we love the most, acceptance? what is that is so wrong about the color of there skin? How does it differ. from yours? 

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You assume race is only skin deep. Talk to an actual racist and you will see their hate has less to do with skin colour and more to do with behavioral patterns.

I'm sure the KKK hates albino blacks as much as regular blacks =/

OK, so you would feel totally comfortable walking down the street at night in Harlem, New York, right?

Luv2BriMe(37) Disputed
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Your statement has nothing to do with the color of ones skin, but moraly of a persons"character".

To tell you the truth, I'm more class oriented than race oriented. I'm more afraid of people who live in the ghetto regardless of color.

One thing I thought was good about this site is that you never know if somebody is white or black unless they post racist comments. Joecavalry, I believe that you are white. I, too, would feel fear if I were to walk down a street in Harlem, either during the day or night. I consider myself only mildly racist. If I had the opportunity to go to Africa or Asia and immerse myself in their culture, I would do it in an instant. But if I were to be amongst the blacks of the American ghettoes, I would be absolutely terrified. I would feel little fear if I were in a white neighbourhood. I realize that I'm starting a controversy by writing this and I have one thing to say: If you've another opinion, I'd love to hear it.

P.S. Here in Canada, or at least in the city I live in (Half a million), neighbourhoods are not segregated - Negroids, Caucasoids and Mongoloids homes line my street.

I'm not white. But I still wouldn't walk in Harlem... but then again, I'm not black either, so.... ;)

fire(41) Disputed
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I wouldn't feel safe walking anywhere at night alone, the emptier the place, the worse.

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I honestly think a lot of people that are considered racist are people that don't like certain cultures. It really ISN'T about skin color. [unless we're talking about extremes like KKK or Nazis]

For example what a lot of white people hate is baggy pants, annoying rap music, grills, tall T's etc.

What separates me from them is that I realize that every race has idiots that try to act like thugs. It's not about race. It's about character and I really don't like that character.

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Race can tell you a lot about ones character. In general I get an accurate first impression when I see somebody and race has a lot to do with it.

People who don't see race as a difference don't have an understanding of their own race.

Remember difference doesn't mean disability or inferiority. Only difference.

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I'm sick of the whole color thing, but there is a problem with how people of different colors present themselves. White people as vindictive and racist, black people as ghetto and violent, and mexican people as people that talk about you cause you cant understand what they're saying (i seriously think they are) while stuffed into a tiny car eating tacos.

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Color shouldn't matter but it does. I think its because of anything we're not is a thing we naturally fear. It sucks but race will always be an issue. Ever since MLK we now deal with reverse racism. Like all black schools. I'm not saying I want to go to one but if a group of people got together and we're like lets make white university america would be in an uproar. it isn't fair that i'm getting judged by what people did so long ago. I can't control my color and no one else can. People should understand that and the KKK and Nazi's can go kill themselves because they need to get real and step off of their high horse because they are no better then any one else for what genes their parents gave them.

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I don't believe that color has anything to do with crime. A white man can do as much as any other race, Criminal are all colors. I have no fear of being different or am i frightened about difference. I'm accepting of difference and find that it's what makes people who they are.

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Didn't you get the memo? Blacks hating whites is called acceptability. White hating blacks, on the other hand, is racism. Unless the blacks change their ways, I'll never change mine.

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I think it's human nature to be at least a little threatened by anybody who is different. I don't just mean skin tone; I also mean very large people and small people (compared to you). We feel comfortable with our own kind, like families.

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jessdebate(34) Disputed
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I strongly disagree I have friends of all sizes, shapes, and colors and never have I once found out of place or uncomfortable. Difference is something we all have to deal with and I never once had a problem with difference. My friends except me for who I am and i do the same towards them. I would feel utterly repulsed if I were to disband a friend of what they look like. You never know maybe that African American guy(or girl) could someday be your best friend, or maybe that Hispanic guy(or girl) could be there for you when no one can... Its the inside that counts, the outside is just what people only want to see and assume they act a certain way because they look like this.

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MKIced(2510) Disputed
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When did I ever say that I feel completely uncomfortable by different people? I have friends from all backgrounds, colors, and sizes. But we are all prejudiced- we all prejudge people. The most important thing is for people to break that prejudice and get to know others.

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