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 Why doesn't the Left put some blame for mass killings on Hollywood or an immoral culture? (1)

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Why doesn't the Left put some blame for mass killings on Hollywood or an immoral culture?

Have you noticed how the Democrat Party seldom cares how a person becomes a killer? They constantly rant about the weapon of choice (if it's a gun), but never a Hollywood culture of sensationalized violence, or a culture of broken families and drugs.

Why is that? Could it be that Hollywood supports the Democrat Party? The facts are, the Democrat Party says nothing about murdered victims, UNLESS killed by a gun! Then it plays into their anti Gun rhetoric.

If you lack the simple intellect to grasp this fact, then please get off debate sites. You embarrass yourself.

Have you ever wondered why we seldom had these mass killings decades ago? We have always had guns in our nation, but what we did not have were so many stone cold murderers, willing to take innocent life, with no connection to the people they kill. WHY? What has changed to create these monsters? THE GUN DID NOT CREATE THESE MONSTERS!

The intelligent adults in the room want to address the core reasons why our culture is creating these killers. The Left's only motives, as always, is politics and pushing their anti Gun agendas.

The weapon of choice has no bearing on the reasons someone decides to randomly murder people. How often are murder's by knivesĀ  sensationalized on fake news? Do these lives not matter? Why do lives only matter if killed by a gun? Would you rather we become a middle Eastern nation where the weapons of choice are bombs?

IT'S NOT THE WEAPON, IT'S THE CULTURE! Life is cheap when even viable babies can be dismembered for any reason!

The Democrat Party seldom tries to address core reasons for problems in our culture. Their answers always revolve around politics. Either creating more social programs or banning guns, never getting to the bottom of the problem. They encourage this broken culture because it creates voters for their Socialist agendas.
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If your loved one is killed by some weapon other than a gun, is their life worth no mention?

Oh, I keep forgetting, this has nothing to do with the life killed. IT'S ALL POLITICS!