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Why don't Chinese criticize or scold themselves?

Western intelligent nations are always scolding themselves for their very few disadvantages. Some of the smartest even describe themselves as inferior nations. But Chinese nation, which has so many defects, is always praising itself, saying how great they are, with criticizing words being absent. Why is this?
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Probably because they are a conservative, one color society …. like our conservative Senate. They don't criticize or scold themselves either. ;-)

Saltal(196) Disputed
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Maybe the Conservative controlled Senate and the Democrat dominated House of Representatives do not engage in self-criticism but in the Democratic United States where democratic freedom allows the people to vote for whomever they wish every 4 to 5 years means they can oust their, here today-gone-tomorrow politicians from their positions of power.

This contrasts starkly with China's Xi Jinping who has been given permission by the rest of his communist government (not the people) to stay in power for the rest of his life.

Let's hope you have the honesty and openness of mind to recognise the difference between totalitarian repression and democratic freedom.

AlofRI(3179) Clarified
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I certainly do. Notice I didn't call our Senate "the Republican Senate". They, today, are an authoritarian Senate run by this IMPOTUS, NOT by the people …. kind of like China. :-(