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Why don't people spend as much time debating the existence of Santa Claus as the

I mean, if both are imaginary people, why not put as much effort into debunking Santa?

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This is completely backwards. It is completely fucking stupid to admit that Santa doesn't exist, that every other God that was every invented doesn't exist, then spend 75% of your time trying to convince others that they will be punished eternally for doing benign things in their regular life.

When those ridiculous people start making their government decisions based on those beliefs you force normal people to have to spend just as much time showing that their stupid beliefs are as dumb as Santa.

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This debunking question is driving me bonkers.

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Because Santa Claus gives us cool stuff. Jesus should have kept passing around the wine, then he'd have a fighting chance of being as popular.

KayneOfNod(318) Disputed
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I mean.... Jesus gives out

Because people aren't using Santa as an excuse for discrimination, hate, war, and bigotry.

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Christians against Jews?

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If people go against Santa Clause, Santa won't leave them dying in fire forever. Nobody is worried about murdering Santa, it's God they are desperate to get rid of.

You know what drives me bonkers? The fact that I can't touch the back of my knees together. I'm really really close but I just can't do it. Kind of frustrating.

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Fuck you now you got me trying :/

With Santa, the issue is already settled; presents under the tree prove his existence. With God, no presents = no God. Case closed.

That was easy.

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And who might we argue with? I'd argue the existence of leprechauns if I could find someone who believed in them. Likewise there is a troubling shortage of Santa-Clausists on CreateDebate.