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 Why have people deserted this website lately? (11)

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Why have people deserted this website lately?

Why have people deserted this website lately? 
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I dropped out for months at a time because one gets sick and tired of Americans arguing venomously about which president was best and which political party is better , it’s boring as Hell and repeated ad nauseum several times a day ; the other debates are usually American Christians slagging off Atheists , it’s a great pity as there are some excellent debaters on here but anytime a decent debate is posted some nut job chimes in with a religious or political view not relevant to the debate in question

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I think that a lot of what has happened boils down to variations of 3 problems.

- 1 - People get tired of the rudeness and obtuseness of particular folks (who change their names but never their behavior.)

- 2 - A lot of the idealogues on both the right and left oversimplify their assertions about the other side, and fail to actually engage in each others' ideas with depth or nuance. It all just devolves into a contest of self-righteousness and uncharitable interpretations.

I come to this site specifically to engage with people I disagree with, and especially with ideas I disagree with, because I don't want to be one of those people who lives in an echo chamber and demonizes anyone who is in a different echo chamber. The problem is that anything to do with Trump or Hillary just avalanches into a string of pointless blame and insults. The same thing happens with anything to do with abortion.

I tend to avoid all of that because it is boring. I assume others do, too.

- 3 - We have "outrage fatigue." A lot of what drove people to feel compelled to spout off or speak their minds has worn off.

The novelty of Trump is wearing off, as are the various feelings of outrage at and about Hillary.

People are simply moving on to new toys.

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Mainly due to the input by filth like numberone who doesn't, nor indeed can present a reasoned argument or counterargument.

Ban dirtbags like him and the sire would be over subscribed.

I've observed that over the past few months, people seem to have deserted this website, (including me but that's a different story) the few that were good on this website no longer seem to be active..

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It happened to the last one I was on. It got flooded with radical right wing idiots, religious and political, that babbled ridiculous JUNK in CHAINS of non-sensical "debates", and people got tired of it.

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Yes spot on Al , I totally agree ..........................

This site seems designed for clearly superior arguments to be disputed by 12 year old mormons kids. Then there is the diehards with 9000 posts that spurt out an Alex Jonesesque blurb and retreat into the ocean.

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Any political discussion site is going to have Russian trolls working to make sure that nothing productive comes from it.

I see that all over this site.

Because it is inevitable that one of Nomenclature's duplicate accounts will accuse you of being a Nazi, a Russian or stupid if they can't defeat your points.

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I have gotten addicted to porn, & it has consumed all of my time. I wish a little British lassy would sleep with me but probably not gonna bloody happen.

I'm sure this site was amazing when you were off this site watching porn. Hope you keep it that way.