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China is more focused. No woks to hold them back.
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Why is America now in ''A CATCH-UP-SITUATION with China.

China is ahead of America in many military fields including hypersonic missile technology.
This nation possesses a hypersonic missile that many military experts thought was impossible.
China has the biggest navy in the world, ( but only the second best!!) and their manufacturing sector has, in real terms, outstripped the rest of the world.
If China's progress continues at this pace we'll be assigned to 'cleaning the muddy boots of their soldiers''.

China is more focused.

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No woks to hold them back.

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All this may well be true, but we have public conveniences which can cater for 38 different genders and where everything is RAAAACIST.

We have black riots and looting on a regular basis and this keeps our law enforcement agencies on their toes and the pin-strip brigade, (the lawyers) well heeled.

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While the C.I.A, the F B I and other intelligence agencies were concentrating on concocting a fictitious dossier on the fairy tale narrative of Trump's election collusion with Russia we were letting China steal our military and industrial secrets from right under our noses.

As we choke on the dust of the unstoppable Chinese Juggernaut which has long since overtaken us and is disappearing over the horizon we're still TOTALLY PREOCCUPIED with wok nonsense, RAAAAAAAAACISM and the lefties crusade of burning a sense of SELF-LOATHING INTO OUR PSYCHE' AND CONDITIONING US TO DESPISE AND REJECT THE PRINCIPLES ON WHICH OUR GREAT COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED.


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Why is America now in ''A CATCH-UP-SITUATION with China.

Hello A:

Two reasons. 1) Unbridled capitalism works, and 2) it's unbridled because there's only one party in China.


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Ahoghill(1382) Clarified
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Well yes, there is a lot of sense in your assessment but there must be more to it than that.

As a Constitutional Federal Republic America landed a man on the moon in 1969 but ever since has been on the decline.

Leaving racial mud-slinging to the one side I feel that our continuing slide towards becoming a 2nd rate Nation is due to the bitter rhetoric between our two main political parties that is manifesting itself in murder and violence in almost every major city in our country.

For instance, how can Americans have a National pride when no one really knows any more what the hell an American is.

We seem more occupied in condemning ourselves verbally, rioting, looting, gang turf wars, trying to figure out what to do with the tsunami of illegal immigrants than going forward, with differing political ideologies but as a unified nation.

While we're giving ourselves a tongue lashing or knocking the shit out of each other the Chinese, and others, have forged ahead on all fronts of national might.

The person who can unite the nation hasn't yet appeared on the political stage.

MAYBE, just maybe, reality is taking over from the starry-eyed romantic notion of America being a ''Great Big Melting Pot'' ( which clearly hasn't worked and never will) and we have had our day.

MAYBE all that is left is for us to do is to sit back and watch as the various ethnic groups and political extremists beat the country into the ground.


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excon(15799) Disputed
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but there must be more to it than that. We landed a man on the moon in 1969 but ever since has been on the decline.

Hello A:

Yup and yup. And, our 50 year decline left a big hole that China was more than willing to fill.

Where we disagree, of course, is what lead to our decline.. You say it was the darkening of America, and I say it was when Reagan fired the aircraft controllers and destroyed their union.


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We are the world's champion demonstrators and counter-demonstrators.

We can murder and knock seven bells out of each other and destroy our public and private buildings like no other country on earth.

Yes sirree Bob, we have a lot to be proud of, but dear RAAAAACIST FOOLS, more to be frightened of.

Take an inventory of the goods in your home and list those items with a MADE IN CHINA STAMP.

If this exercise reveals that more than 10% of you household goods are Chinese, then you are contributing to the demise of your own country.

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