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They vote for her. She's a terrorist leader.
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 They vote for her. (1)
 She's a terrorist leader. (1)

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Why is Mayor Lightfoot capitulating to left-wing terrorist mobs?

Today it's statues which are being torn down with the endorsement of the looney leftist local administrations.
But for how long will the destruction of our historical memorials appease the feral left-wing mobs, and how far away are we from these Democrat sponsored insurgents tearing down buildings and people's homes?

They vote for her.

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She's a terrorist leader.

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As this mixed rabble of losers, anarchists and DEMOCRAT-left-wing terrorists begin to run out of statues to destroy they will surely direct their political agenda to the destruction of government buildings and the homes which they perceive to belong to the taxpaying, hard working middle classes.

As a direct consequence of the inaction of the Democrat controlled councils THE MOB has become insanely exhilarated to the point where they really do represent a very serious threat not only to the security of the nation but to its very existence.

Be frightened, very frightened of this ever developing left-wing and Only Black Lives Matter menace and address the problem before they overrun the country along with its democracy and institutions.

Side: They vote for her.
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This foul mouthed, radical-left-wing terrorist leader appears to be encouraging THE MOB to continue with their unbridled rampage of murder, violence, destruction and anti-American activities.

Yanks, in the meantime, think less about the Chinese and the Russian threats, and concentrate on defeating your worst enemy which lies within your own borders.

Side: She's a terrorist leader.