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Why is everyone so paranoid about Obama?

I've only recently started paying attention to politics, and I know there were wacky theories about the Clintons, and I'm sure there are many about other presidents. But doesn't it seem like people are far more paranoid about Obama than they normally are about the Pres? I have a few theories as to why there is so much fear of Obama, but I'd like to hear yours as well. Racism is obviously a part for at least a few people, but I don't think it's all of it...any thoughts? And while we're here, we may as well have a really good discussion. What are the implications of these fears? What do they mean about Americans?


Edit: I'm NOT talking about people that simply disagree or even dislike Obama. I have a few problems with him myself. I'm talking about the people who believe he's a muslim spy that was born in Kenya(or similar theories. :P). Just thought I'd clarify.

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I think one reason for all the "Nobama" madness is the fact that Obama, in my opinion, is taking us a step away from the "America first, Under God" tradition...which is not a bad thing--we SHOULD have more religious tolerance in this country, and we should get rid of the mentality that American citizens are somehow more human or more deserving of rights than the rest of the world. But people have held these ideas very close to their hearts for years, and they are afraid to completely let go of them. They are also afraid of the other extreme: An evil, atheist dictatorship, or a country that has moved so far away from "America first" that it doesn't take care of itself. Of course, we are NOT in any danger of either of these things, but people get frightened by change.

On a less sympathetic note, people also really like being able to think their religion or citizenship makes them superior; they don't want to accept others as equals, because then they can't feel like they are something special anymore. It's a silly, insecure mental state, but it is one in which a lot of people live.

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seems to me that a common thread of people who viscerally hate Obama are primarily but not exclusively white, fundamentalist Christian, middle to lower middle class mid-age to older adults

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Every society has X number of crazy people, and things like education and social influence effects the number X. Either side.

There are pockets of this country that are terribly uneducated, and whose societal influence politically consists almost entirely of the furthest right fringes. (left fringe media can only be found on Satellite, and generally one with Satellite radio is well educated and impervious to flights of crazy, though the left in the past has acted as crazy) Over time people like Rush and Beck sound moderate to these people, even those in the middle sound far far left.

Further, they protect their own world view by only listening to those who validate their own world view. In other words, they're not looking for logic or truth, to them, they already know.

Normally you would never see hide nor tail of these retards,

8 years we have failed miserably in every conceivable category, (no matter if you think it's a result of policies, that the last 8 years have been a failure is undeniable) and Republicans were in charge and get the brunt of this blame, fair on not, I say fair, but I'm not debating policies here. The middle has swung left as a result, this is how it always goes no matter which side the middle swings to, it's a result of the last administration's failure or success.

On top, and at the same time, people have become more savvy in the middle due to the internet. So with a kind of perfect storm of a failed administration, and information readily available on these failures to anyone with an internet connection or access to the 24hr news cycle,

the right has a big problem,

Their base has become this fringe. Sure, there are moderate conservatives who have nothing to do with the theories of these retards, but not enough to win anytime soon.

So it's a balancing act. On the one hand the few good leaders on the right cannot afford to lose these frenzied retards,

on the other, these frenzied retards are turning off many of the moderates and undecideds.

The fact is, this country swings right and left. Now it is on the left side of the swing.

The smartest thing to do for Conservatives would have been to re-evaluate their situation, maybe tweak some of their base principles to keep up with the time, and continue to fight for their policies in a political and logical fashion.

They however by-and-large have chosen to grasp at the threads of their lost power by enabling their fringe.

They try to on one hand distance themselves from the crazy retards, and at the same time say nothing to discourage them.

Well, saying nothing is often the same as saying "okay, you're right."

So you get all these crazy retards coming out of the woodwork.

Long term it's doing nothing but harm to their own party and the country, and if the right wants to survive they're going to have to publicly separate themselves from these people, and stop with the winking and smiling at their fringe.

So I think it's not that there are that many more on the fringe than there would be any other time in history. I just think the right has given them a soap box to preach from.

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Well, much opposition is coming from people who actually voted for him.

Why? Because he's not giving the results that the voted for. People are retarded. They voted for him because they thought he was the Messiah. Since they're only figuring out now that he's not, they're upset that the media deceived them and Obama went along with it.

Hillary Clinton was more realistic, and that's why she lost. But now, people realize that they would have preferred someone who didn't lie to them about "EVERYTHING WILL MAGICALLY STOP!!! LOL".

And, Obama never explains himself and just continues to spin the issues. He claims that he has answers to people's questions, yet he just resorts them to read some random document on the internet instead of just sitting everyone down and explaining it himself. And when he does something like that, he never actually explains anything. It's more like "My flux capacitor will help in the bajoogity of the situation and we'll all be happy, trust me". Everyone's like "wtf?"

Now, of course there are crazies. About 1/4 of the American population once believed in 9/11 truth. Unfortunately, people try to use these guys to describe the ENTIRE opposition. I don't even think 9/11 truthers are entirely liberal, but everyone seems to want to call the Birthers "DEM CONSERVATIVES BE LYING BOUT OBAMA!!!" ... Not really.

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Pineapple(1448) Disputed
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As a realistic person, living in the real world, I think he's doing a hell of a good job.

The country was shit fucked up a creek and Bush had stopped trying literally 8 months ago. Were now just about out of the recession, leaving the middle east in a responsible yet timely fashion and most importantly putting people first.

He's not a wizard. He's a man, doing a damn good job.

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jessald(1915) Disputed
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Hillary Clinton was more realistic

What? Did you just make this up? The only real policy difference between her and Obama that I recall was that she wanted to spend more on health care than he did.

He claims that he has answers to people's questions... instead of just sitting everyone down and explaining it himself.

I have no idea what you're talking about here. Obama has made more of an effort to answer questions than any president in history. Could it be you're just too lazy to educate yourself on the issues?

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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She came out first explaining that Iraq was gonna be difficult and that it wouldn't be as easy to pull out.

She also came out and said that ALOT OF FUCKIN' MONEY WILL NEED TO BE SPENT ON HEALTHCARE, unlike Obama, who's too afraid to admit that, yet.

And no, he doesn't explain shit.

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There are those who are paranoid about obama because they feel he will drastically alter the American economic and political landscape but i think there are those who voted for him that are paranoid that he won't change anything.

I'm paranoid about obama not because of the person but because it is appearing like he will be the downfall of the left in major politics or at least set them back. Even though he was not a very left candidate he was promoted as one. Currently, the democrats have the power that they could introduce liberal polices but obama is not taking the lead. even though his views are center or center left on most issues he is portrayed as being very left and thus a representative of the liberal ideology.

The problem is that the polices that he enacts are not appearing to be liberal in their end results, and yet it is likely that if he fails to bring about the liberal end result the liberal ideology will be blamed and not the real failure in communication and execution of the means to the liberal results.

It appears that obama does not know the power he and the democrats have, he is trying to please everyone, and is worried about not appearing too left. The democrats in politics fail at communication and because of this they aren't able to properly defend their views, explain their views, or explain the problems that are on going and possible solutions to them.

Even though Obama was not very left or at least as left as commonly portrayed and self-promoted he still has the ability to bring about liberal polices and if he fails to do so it will probably be a long while before anyone more left than him can do so in that office.

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There will always be some paranoid crazies, on any side.

And the left is having so much fun with these people who say things like "he wasn't born here", "he should be impeached", "he's the anti Christ", and my favorite "now the blacks are just gonna start takin' over!".

Give me a break, they don't represent all conservatives no matter how much you want them to.

The left loves playing defense. They're very good at it.

For example, The lipstick on a pig thing: I bet they decided that if he said that, some people where bound to over react and take it the wrong way. So that then EVERYONE on the left could say, "Those stupid right wingers! He wasn't talking about her!". And they did say it, for weeks and weeks and freaking weeks. They're the ones who made it a big deal.

It's called strategy. Both sides want to point and laugh at the other side's loons.

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I never said they represented all fact, I edited the debate description because I was afraid it came across that way. I agree though--there are always crazy people on every side, and maybe there aren't any more this time around...I'm just noticing it this time around. But it is true that people who aren't usually crazy become paranoid when there is a politician they don't trust. I'm wanting to hear ideas as to why that is.

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No no I wasn't saying you did. I read the description. I' glad you said that. Sorry about that. (:

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Its because he's honest.


Side: there will always be crazy people

It is now 2015 and the haters are still gonna hate. These same people have had a grudge against the President ever since he won the Presidential election back in 2008.

Side: there will always be crazy people

Everyone is paranoid about Obama because he's a left wing, liberal, Socialist... but I repeat myself ;)

Side: there will always be crazy people