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Why is it important to engage in debate?

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Debating is not only is imperative. If society is to advance past the days when disputes were (and still are) settled by war or violence, debating and diplomacy must become the norm. Debating is not only a way to understand your opponents viewpoints, but it also helps in shaping your own understanding of the world around, bettering your ability to comprehend and use the information you receive, and a way to exercise the strongest muscle in your body--your brain. And it is a way to learn how everything can be questioned.

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I think it's important to engage in debate so you can see how other's feel about topics that interest you. We tend to surround ourselves with people who are similar to us, so oftentimes we don't get to hear people with opinions that differ from our own. If you don't know the best arguments for or against a topic you're interested in you lose out on truly understanding the rationale for other's beliefs and the topic being discussed.

The beauty of CreateDebate is that it spans all geographic borders to enable people from all walks of life to engage in structured debates about whatever topics they so desire.

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Finding the central point of an issue is very important. Debate helps us do that. Without first understanding the central point, it can be very difficult to make the right decision.

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My goal in debate is to be wrong :) It's all about learning something new, isn't it? Being forced to admit you're wrong makes you look at the issue from a completely different perspective, and gain new insight. If you only debate to be right, then you're missing out.

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That is a deep sentiment. I was about to vote you down when I read the first sentence but I agree, putting yourself in the other persons shoes is a great way to learn and grow.

Reminds me of #4 from The Code of the Debater:

I will learn from victory and especially from defeat.

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Debate is a great way to learn about another's point of view which ultimately helps us fine tune our opinions and make better decisions.

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I love to debate so I can hear what other people have to say. After I hear what they have to say I love to shoot down their arguments with some well crafted arguments of my own!

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It is a fun learning experiance to me.