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Why is it that...

... pretty much in every debate about religion on CD, the winning side is always the side supporting Atheism?

What does this mean?

That there are more Atheists on this site than religious people? It would seem unlikely, since Atheists populate only a small percentage of the world. 

... Or is it that Atheists are generally more quarrelsome, due to the pressure placed onto them in a religiously dominant world?

Or is it because they are just plain winners in these debates?

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I honestly believe that there are more nonbelievers on the site than anything else. And my theory as to why is because nonbelievers tend to have a preference for Science, and that comes with more intellectual discussions, or debates. Christians just believe the bible and go along with it, so they don't feel a need to discuss how things work, they think it's God's work. Nonbelievers, on the other hand, need an explanation, and discussions are a big part of Science.

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No, it really is just because there are waaaaaaaaaayyyyy more atheists than theists on this site.

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But why? Our numbers are so little compared to them.

Are we just drawn to information (using computers) due to our natural interest of the universe, which, in other people has been nullified by religion?

The average age of an atheist is a lot lower than the average age of a theist. Simply put, atheists are more technologically exposed, meaning online forums like these tend to be dominated by atheists.

And then of course there's the fact that we scare away most of the theists after a week ;)

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... pretty much in every debate about religion on CD, the winning side is always the side supporting Atheism?

Who says that atheism is always the winning side? What are you defining as "winning?"

Dremorius(861) Clarified
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Have you seen this under a debate? Winning Position: Unresolved

Well this winning position always seems to be looking like this; Winning Position: god doesn't exist

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I haven't been on this site for a very long time, but out of all the "god exists vs god does not exist" debates I have seen/witnessed, the god does not exist side has almost always won.

There really is no need to define winning. Winning means whichever side has more people supporting it. If it's "god does not exist - 80" and "god exists - 40", then clearly the former position has won. This is self explanatory...

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While I agree there are likely way more atheists than theists on the site, I believe the reason Atherists win most often is religion is faith based. Faith by its very nature means you don't have physical proof. If you don't have proof, it is hard to support your side. Even theories are based on know and then unknown facts. Rarely is a theory based on all unknown facts. Look at gravity. Yes it exists, but there was always the fact things fell downward as proof of something...therefore a factual item is used as part of the theory of gravity. Thists (like myself) have no physical proof, and therefore will lose most religious debates due to lack of support.

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The reason why there aren't many Christians on here because Christians truly don't argue because in the Bible it tells people to not argue with people or to cause quarrels and many Christians like me like to debate. I don't know why I am doing this its just I like to debate about other things.

The reason so many atheists are winning is because we as Christians are trying to prove something while some people on don't listen or accept the prove we give them and when we tell them we do give proof they say when have you ever given proof and its so frustrating sometimes because I do provide proof but some people don't see it as proof to be true.

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The problem is Christians never provide any proof. Proof to them is "well a bunch of people wrote that jesus was resurrected and levitated into the sky". To any rational minded person, that is a far cry from proof. It's only anecdotal evidence, it's far from a smoking gun.

People who attempt to justify God's existence have extremely low standards for "irrefutable" proof or evidence.

lolzors93(3225) Disputed
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The Bible does not disavow debating or rebuking people, which is different from quarreling. Quarreling is useless back and forth anger. Just letting you know so you don't feel guilty about being on here :) .... just don't fight with someone.

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There are some very argumentative Atheists on here who are like a dog with a bone some of whom will just call you an idiot for having a different view to them, the same can be said for some of the religous types on here as well and unfortuntely they dont always have the proof to back up their argument, although even if they had the proof and could introduce God to us all as a person i'm sure there are some Atheists on here who would still argue that he does'nt exist

GeneralLee(134) Disputed
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"Did you really think I was so stupid, I wouldn't recognize a run-on sentence?"

-Grammar Nazi

TheAshman(2299) Disputed
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Please explain as I dont quite get what your argument is here

There are 4200 religions and many more interpretations; There is only one atheism.

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Atheism is not pragmatic as other religions are... Religions are man-made and so is atheism.

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Saurbaby>> In my opinion, people trying to collect evidences and then believing in some fact need not be an atheist. In the similar way, people blindly following bible or any holy book need not be following their true religion too.

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I don't understand how or why you assert that atheism is man made. Atheism is the default position, it is the way everybody is born. No one is born with innate incontrovertibly true knowledge that "god exists". Religions are man made, but atheism is not. For it is the default position, we wouldn't have a concept of atheism if theism did not exist.

I don't see it that way. I have perused many debates where the Theist is victorious.