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Why is only Cuaroc allowed to copy and paste topics?

I want to be the new fw paster is it okay?
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Everyone is allowed. He's just the only one who goes to the trouble day after day.

Yes it's okay you can paste others topics for points just like him.

Amarel(5135) Clarified
1 point

The points don’t matter. He copies the debates as a courtesy to everyone who regularly challenges Fromwithin and gets banned for it. He also does it because fromwithin hates it and they are adversaries.

AveSatanas(4425) Disputed
1 point

He doesnt give a shit about points i assure you that. in fact any retard that cares about points is...well....a retard.

1 point

You should use better language in your posts.

1 point

Who said you couldn't? Cuaroc does it so those who are banned by FW for disagreeing with him can have a debate, there's nothing saying you can't.

NathanAllen(2288) Clarified
1 point

Technically their is not but it is frond upon when creating a debate. "Always search for dupes before you create a new debate. Although, you can recreate a debate if you think that an older debate hasn't been given a fair shake."

It is not a rule it is just a suggestion to keep the servers from being bogged down with a bunch a duplicates.

Mint_tea(4347) Clarified
1 point

Sure but this reasoning isn't multiple debates on the same topic, it's specific purpose is to allow others who have been banned by a frequent banner, to have a debate.