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 Why is the Healthcare debate not being televised? (9)

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Why is the Healthcare debate not being televised?

Has President Obama lied to the american public by saying that the Healthcare debate would be public, when it is in fact behind closed doors?


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It has something to do with the fact that bribing people tends to be frowned upon by the American public and that is why these "debates" are held behind closed doors.

DJSNuva1(78) Disputed
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So, you're admitting that President Obama lied to the American public?

wolfbite(432) Disputed
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I would not say that he lied but he mislead to the point where it's just as bad as lying.

He promised that things would be seen on C-SPAN and sure enough they are. However, what we get to see is nothing more then two sides repeating the same talking points over and over again. The real progress is done behind the scenes. Fox and the Republican party will call it back door or Chicago-style politics run by thugs but really it has always been done this way.

Change you can believe in.

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It isn't being televised because cockroaches scurry when the light is turned on.

This government isn't any more transparent than it has been in the last 100 years.

The cockroaches in DC don't want the lights turned on and will fight it tooth and nail. May they rest in pieces....shortly. Pelosi's statement that things are more transparent than they've ever been only proves what a lying piece of filth she is.

This nation wasn't meant to have career politicians and as long as it does it will continue it's downward spiral to decay.

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Healthcare debate has been televised all last year and where has that got us? Obama was probably talking about that, but we all know that C-SPAN debate is not going to be where legislation is decided - which is one reason nobody watches it. the bills are public and thankfully there are many pretty decent sites where people digest the bills for those that are interested - though there should definitely be a rule required bills to be published a certain amount of time (probably based on the size of the bill) for congress and the public the discern the implications, express their opinions, come up with better ideas, etc.

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DJSNuva1(78) Disputed
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No, it's not being televised, get your facts straight. Taking a position like "It is" makes you look ignorant view/opinion/Health-Care-Reform-Will-Not-Be-Televised-Should-It-Be-2111

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Healthcare debate has been televised all last year - i suppose i was referring to the more than 3000 videos C-SPAN has, but maybe you are ignorant of those...;=35

the sausage making isn't being televised and never has and won't until the the American people would be able to handle it. for those that are actually interested and have the time they can research the issue, those who want to try to make political hay, they can spend their time doing that instead.

Obama knew when he said it, and anyone who knows politics knows that the pres doesn’t set senate or house rules, and that c-span debates are only theatre.

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