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 Why is there no delete comment button? (22)

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Why is there no delete comment button?


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One word: accountability. Do not write something you will regret having written.

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Or i meant it as deleting reposts instead of having to edit them in a stupid way?

Lol, thats funny thats the first thing that came to your mind

Jace(5159) Disputed
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There is no effective way for the system to distinguish between a secondary post and a duplicate post.

And not really; that is one of the primary reasons most forums are set up this way.

Because other people might have replied to your comment, and you can't delete their comments.

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Why can't i delete my own comments?

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Because of the reason I just stated.

Because your mom didn't abort you.

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Where did that come from? Why you so mad?


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My brain thunk it up. duh. Video footage of my anger or gtfo.


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Because you have to be as smart as me to work out how to do it... Not that it's possible anymore. ;)