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Well he is the worst. Because he's not.
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 Well he is the worst. (2)
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Why isn't Obama classified as the worst president yet?

Well he is the worst.

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Because he's not.

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Holy crap obama is putting us in more twice as much debt everyday than bush, he has made 0 accomplishments and plus he has us in more debt in 3 years than all the presidents combined what does that tell ya? Or maybe that our vets or old people mean nothing to him or how about BOWING to another leader? Is anybody not picking this up?

Side: Well he is the worst.

The tag says it all. Anybody who thinks he is the worst needs to get their heads out of their ass and/or stop sucking some brainwasher's cock.

Side: Because he's not.
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Who is this brainwasher that you speak of? And whats with the sucking of the cock? You shouldn't put your hobbies on here dumbass. I am just tickled that obama believers like you want to believe that obama is not the worst... If he wasn't then WHO THE HELL WAS? other than carter. Explain to me how he is not, word for word.

Side: Well he is the worst.
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This anti-Obama stuff reminds me a lot of the anti-Bush stuff... people really like to hate someone who's in charge, especially if they have different views from them.

Is Obama the worst president? History will tell. Clearly he's not a "good" or "revolutionary" president, but to call him the worst is like forgetting about Bush, Reagan, Carter, Clinton, Johnson, Nixon, Kennedy, and many more who also did a lot of bad things (at least, IMO).

Side: Because he's not.
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Whatever president is currently in office always seems to be the worst president to those who oppose his policies. It is also true that the times in which a person grew up are the best of times so long as they are not currently living them.

Side: Because he's not.

The President has accomplished too many good things, so, he cannot be classified as the worst President ever.

Side: Because he's not.