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 Why mental healthcare is important? (12)

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Why mental healthcare is important?

People need to have a better physical as well as mental state. Unless a healthy mindset, people cannot focus on any work they do. So, any kind of mental illness must not ignore rather it needs special care.

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It's obvious that so many Republican gun owners, by their own admission, are 'mentally ill" that it is more important than ever. Still, every time the Dems try to make it more available and affordable, the mentally handicapped on the right try to "shoot it down"! It seems they especially don't want anyone messing with the "psycho" part. I could understand this from a "psycho" point of view, if I was psycho, but it makes little sense to us normal folk. But then, they do put people like MTG and Beobert in charge of important committees, that's WHY mental healthcare is more important than ever!

Another-Alt(237) Clarified
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Nice to have you back, Alfie. Where have you been hiding lately? You're one of the few sensible posters on this site.

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The horrors and dangers of ignoring mental health issues are graphically displayed by the sorry state of Poor old Joe Biden.

Biden's manipulators should have had this imbecile committed to The Funny Farm long ago.

I had shock treatments and been taking antidepressants all my life. I can tell you anything you wanna know about mental health, just ask me. I can tell you that capitalism and the love of money (just like religions say) greatly contributed to my condition. Money can be like a drug addiction. You can be happy with a small amount.

Norwich(1576) Clarified
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If you are mentally ill-equipped to be able to compete successfully in the cut & thrust competition known as capitalism/life or enjoy the rewards of wealth, that is fine and totally acceptable.

But please don't assume that the limitations which your sensitive disposition has imposed on you applies to everyone.

Many of us enjoy/enjoyed the dog-eat-dog world of highly competitive business and sailing our yacht down the Mediterranean while sipping chilled champagne with a beautiful dolly bird on our knee.

No problems whatsoever if that doesn't appeal to you, but for goodness sake;- live and let live.

We don't need a 2 cent lecture from someone with a sensitive nature.

Good luck.

Slavedevice(1389) Clarified
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U know, I feel sorry for people who think that the meaning of life is to die with the most toys (I definitely don’t envy you). Remember that most religions say the more you love material things, the further you are from god (and vice versa). But I’m not totally against people having more than others (especially if they invent or produce something that makes life better). I just feel everyone has a RIGHT to HEALTHCARE!!!! It’s a suck ass fucking society that holds people hostage to pharmaceutical and insurance...

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But the problem is that I don’t know which variety to choose.

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Another-Alt(237) Clarified
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Even in states where pot is legal, they don't sell seeds or cuttings. So, the only choice you have is what the first who comes along, has..

Oh God, you're so stupid. You can easily buy seeds through mail order. As far as I'm aware possession of seeds isn't illegal anywhere.

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so people wont commit suicide? having a mental disorder/illness is harder than what most people think it isnt just being sad and anxious. its like a physical illness/disorder.

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Because our brain controls our body. Work-stress is also a reason for mental illness. ChatGPT is very helpful tool to reduce work-stress. Are you curious about it?

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Good mental health positively influences productivity and performance in various areas of life, including work, education, and personal goals. Mental healthcare interventions can help individuals address and manage issues such as anxiety, depression, or other mental health disorders, enabling them to function more effectively and achieve their potential.

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