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 Why on Earth do so many people on this debate site waste time arguing with hateful fools? (7)

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Why on Earth do so many people on this debate site waste time arguing with hateful fools?

Did your mother ever teach you that arguing with fools is a fools game? Do you for one moment think you could actually win an argument with a fool?

There is no winning anything against a fool who will simply deny everything you say. How many times have you argued the exact same things with these fools? I mean COME ON!

I've got better things to do then waste it bantering words with spoiled insecure hateful children. I guess you like playing children games where one says "does so" and the other says "does not", over and over again.

It can only mean one thing. You are not here to actually debate with people who want to honestly debate. You are here to pat yourself on the back for getting points and pretending that makes you a good debater.

The fact that these vile vulgar hatemongers are allowed to continually spew their foul words, tells me that these debate sites are all about getting money through memberships, no matter how vulgar the member.
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Why don't you folks lock yourself in a room with a five year old, and start having a debate with him. This is what you have allowed this debate site to become.

Sasuke(108) Disputed Banned
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Trust me, it's not wise to lock people like Bronto in a room alone with a five year old.

jimbocloud(2) Banned
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Why on Earth do so many people on this debate site waste time arguing with hateful fools?

All sane members avoid your debates for that exact reason. Because arguing with insane fools is pointless.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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So here we have one of the fools I just spoke to.

Just a few minutes ago, he created yet one more alias so he could insult those who know what to do with him.

I'm glad I'm making you work for that one line of insults. Keep them coming. I have no problem banning people like you.

It takes me all of a couple seconds to put you on my ban list.

Ban! Wow, that was hard... NOT!

Hey listen????????? No more fool! He's gone! No more listening to them spew the same denials time after time after time after time. I would much rather get no responses then the mindless ramblings of dysfunctional hateful fools.

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It is all too easy to be drawn in to these juvenile exchanges with the type of people to whom you refer.

They lay their bait and, like an obscene phone caller, derive sexual pleasure from receiving a response regardless of it's nature.

As you say, we should all remember and heed our mother's sound advice that the tormentor's greatest punishment is to be ignored.

With cyber bullies the answer is simple;= don't engage.

Thank you for your words of wisdom. We are in the minority on this site. It seems that the majority of debaters on this site like playing games with points rather than making our world a better place to live.

They seem willing to allow cyber bullies to disrupt this site.

Yes, like you say, these fools will lay the bait of deceptive remarks towards the Right, and then get a rise when someone replies. BAN THE FOOLS!

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You could create your own debate site. I've been thiking of doing it myself, but I just don't know how to create a website..

Also, the thing that makes or breaks a site like this is the moderators. It's hard to find good people who actually have the time for it.

FromWithin(8239) Clarified
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I do not have the drive or know how to create a debate site.

I will give Andy Prop's for what he has done.

FromWithin(8239) Clarified
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Agreed, I'm sure it's a nightmare for site moderators trying to deal with all the flakes in the world.

But I've seen vile people spewing vulgar filth at Andy, and he seemingly does nothing about it. There has to be limits.