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 Why so many enemies??? (11)

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Why so many enemies???

Like everyone on this site has at-least 10 enemies if not more. when i have been a member for over 134 days and have no enemies why is that???
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3 points

Enemies? Pssssshhht! Take a look at my Hostile List, Prodigee's old account is on there like 50 times!

1 point

You can't do that trick anymore. I was the reason Andy's programmer fixed it xD.

If you refreshed the page where it said you have declared an enemy you literally could declare it unlimited times over and over.

Hellno(17759) Disputed
3 points

I don't care.

2 points

I got enemies, got alota enemies, got alotta niggas tryna drain me of this energy. Tryna take awaaaaay from a nigga.

1 point

Stop playing around.

You may not have many enemies, but that is probably because you don't know many people in general. I highly doubt you have any friends.

I have many enemies, who are all my adoring fans.

Cynical(1948) Disputed
1 point

wew lad

1 point

The only Drake song I like.

P.S. I dislike you.

AveSatanas(4425) Disputed
2 points

U have a small penis lol. .

2 points

Shut up.

I don't think anyone likes you.

Everyone makes fun of you.

2 points

Because 1+2=3, a triangle has 3 sides, create debate equals illuminati confirmed.

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Thanks! :-D sign*

first intellectizia comment all shitty week