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Why stop Love at the Border?

why stop love at border? why tag few people as regionalists when you yourself dicriminate people from other countries? 


Why is there a debate of East Vs West when everyone is another human being ?


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Where we are born is part of our identity, by being patriotic we accept that we are part of a larger community and that we are willing to contribute to the benifit of that community.

That fact that there are different countries in the world gives the world a sort of capitalistic appeal, every country is competing to be the best country and so they constantly aim to improve themselves.

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Patriotism is one of the most retarded and childish ideas that still manages to permeate popular culture as a perceived virtue, even though it is a baseless and undeserved pride derived from the fallacy that being born within the same imaginary borders makes two people's individual achievements somehow shared, despite no mutual involvement from either party.

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One of the most sensible statements I've read - a breath of fresh air. Up vote for you! = )

And on a more serious note as an extension to your argument: Patriotism is not only unfounded, it is also dangerous - a step on the path to nationalism but also a barrier to justice within the international community. I'll explain:

A patriotic US citizen might feel that the withdrawl of US troops from Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq is an embarrassment. Similarly, a patriotic Brit might feel that the return of the Falklands to Argentina is a mistake. In both cases, patriotism is a barrier to justice - a very real barrier if patriotism runs rampant amongst the political elite.

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No, fools, Anarchronist is completely right, and i agree with him 100% Imagine if there were no borders. You think that suddenly, if you cross a 1cm line, everyone changes..? Nope, not at all, we're all just one of the same species!

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Nummi2(32) Disputed
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What a stupid load of crap. Downvote for you!

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Cynical(1948) Disputed
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And yet you make no argument trying to dispute it? Hmm... shows how truly incompetent you are.

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I gota say you have struck upon a long forgotten point there. In our days it's "if some people do something wrong, it must be the whole country..." Some Americans do stupid stuff= Americans are stupid. Some Iranians blow up some stuff= All Iranians are terrorists e.t.c. Everyone seems to think that if someone is from a different country, then they're completely different as a human being. Of course you get good and bad people, and of course cultures differ, but we all think pretty much alike, so why can't we all get on?! ( Religion..?!)

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People should embrace one another and forget about walls and borders.

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