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 Why the death penalty should be abolished? (5)

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Why the death penalty should be abolished?

Ok, I need help. So there is this bitch in my grade right? and we have to do a debate in english, but she just picked a debate topic and which side we will take. We have to be the affirmative and say It should be. I dont know why it should be? help?

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Why the Death Penalty should be abolished:

Studies show that it is not a deterrent

It is possible for an innocent man to get executed

Appeal costs are expensive

Can be considered inhumane

Why the Death Penalty should not be abolished:

Studies show that it is a deterrent

Keeps the person from having any chance to kill again

Costs of life in prison is expensive

Letting a murderer have another chance at killing someone (like a fellow inmate) can be considered inhumane.

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thanks, that helped a little bit. at least the top half. Apparently affirmative is the Position I HAVE to take. Its only english class though.

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I think because they can kill wrong people. It is very bad to kill wrong people.

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Because innocent people have been executed and they can't be brought back.

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The topic she decided to debate on is a little sensitive for many people. But I think she did the right thing to tell people about the consequences of the death penalty and now students can check uk essays review to complete the task. My friend in the comments section said it right that it’s very common that innocent people trapped in such cases where they punished the death penalty which is totally wrong. Just hope for the best and do the right thing.

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