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Why the left is about to get destroyed in elections


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I hope so. I don't bear them ill will, but I disagree with their fallacies............................................................................

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Lets hope they get destroyed. They are poplar opposites to everything this great nation was founded on.

Freedom of religion? Not to these extremists! They ban a voluntary Nativity scene during holidays.

Freedom from paying for abortions? Not to these extremists who not only force us to pay to kill unborn babies (through medicaid, etc.), but now would do so to kill babies who are born alive! How would you like your tax dollars used for legalized murder?

What do the words mean in the Constitution regarding Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness? These extremist Democrats deny even viable babies those rights!

The next step in the slippery slope of No Restriction abortions is gender abortions. If you don't want a girl, kill the child!

The Democrat controlled house is trying to pass a Bill that would require all schools to allow boys who think they are girls to compete in women's sports! You can't make this stuff up!

I thought Democrats said they care abut women? These extremist radicals would destroy women's sports!

People who actually vote for these radical Democrats are about as low end as you can get.

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excon(13452) Disputed
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What do the words mean in the Constitution regarding Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Hello From:

No wonder you don't know shit about the Constitution.. You HAVEN'T read it!! Those words aren't IN there.. No, I'm not gonna help you find 'em.



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FromWithin(8235) Disputed
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The Constitution and Declaration of Independence go hand and hand. They both give all Americans protection from the barbaric policies of the Democrat Party.

Only deceptive people would play semantics when it comes to our freedoms and rights to life.

Every honest rational person knows exactly what I am saying, but deceptive jokes try to split hairs when it comes to supporting your barbaric No Restriction abortion Democrat Party.

I just wasted much more time than I should have with a deceptive low end voter.

Next time trying addressing the point of the argument instead of playing the obnoxious fool.


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No wonder you don't know shit about the Constitution.

What's it say about guns in there con? Do tell.

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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SUPER STUPID you don't know SHIT about the CONSTITUTION because your to IGNORANT to UNDERSTAND it but give it your BEST SHOT there DUMMY !!!!!!!!

Can your DUMB ASS recite for us ARTICLE 2 SECTION 2 ????

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Gets BETTER how about ARTICLE 2 SECTION 4 ??????????? SCHOLAR help us out with your INFINITE WISDOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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