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Why the right despises those who control the Democrat Party


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Why the right despises those who control the Democrat Party

Hello C:

What?? You think we don't despise your leaders?? DUDE! If for NO other reason, you fucking STOLE our Supreme Court pick.. Why shouldn't we DESPISE you?


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FromWithin(8234) Disputed
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Your supreme court picks are Liberal activists!

THANK GOD the GOP used the Democrat Party's same tactics when saying that a Supreme court Justice should not be appointed in the last year of a lame duck President who already appointed two activist justices after eight long years.

The people should have a say in the next election of the type of Justice they want.

Your Democrat Politicians were the ones who suggested this rationale.

Don't you just love pay back and seeing all these things coming home to roost in the Democrat Party?

Remember how they were the ones who made it possible for a Supreme court nominee to be appointed on a simple majority in the Senate.

Be careful what you wish for.

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