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 Why was it wrong to give into Hitlers demands for the Sudatenland? (3)

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Why was it wrong to give into Hitlers demands for the Sudatenland?

I dont want reasons concerning what happened after this, throughout world war II, but before they gave the Sudatenland to him. They wouldn't complete know what was to come.

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I don't think it was wrong to give Germany back the Sudetenland! They had lost territory that belonged to them during WW I and Germany wanted it back. This, in and of itself, was not an unreasonable request. No one could envision what was to come after that event.

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Two of the major causes of WWII was Chamberlain's policy of appeasement (which led to Hitler's seizure of the Sudetenland and eventual invasion of Poland) and the States' refusal to disband from a foolishly strict policy of isolationism. These causes are directly linked; no European power had the ability to challenged Nazi-controlled Germany, and the numerous Neutrality Acts passed by the States did nothing to identify friend from foe or victim from aggressor. Had the United States stepped up to the plate and become an Allied force, Hitler's armies would not have had the strength to combat these combined forces and the outbreak of WWII could have been prevented.

As it was, with nothing standing in Hitler's way, he was able to seize the Sudetenland, invade Poland, and continue on to conquer the majority of Europe without any formidable obstacles.

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