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Support from the people. Dread of their reputation.
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Why were the Taliban able to bloodlessly take over Afghanstan so quickly?

The speed at which the Taliban military swept across Afghanistan has caused confusion and bewilderment among the western military and politicians.
The two prime reasons appear to be that they enjoy popular support from the Afghanistan people and the instant collapse of the west's puppet government and its army of TOY SOLIDERS.. 

Support from the people.

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Dread of their reputation.

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Now the blame game will start with the usual contingent of armchair generals expounding their fanciful theories about why we shouldn't have pulled out and the consequences our withdrawal will cause.

Side: Support from the people.
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No more young Americans being slaughtered on the killing fields of the failed Muslim nations of the world.

We're out of that Islamic shithole and must never go back.

Side: Support from the people.
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To hopefully drum up some patriotism in a country with NONE! wE ARE HEADED DOWN THE SAME ROAD, regretfully, with the MOB party,(formerly the GOP).

Side: Support from the people.
Ahoghill(1067) Clarified
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Hi again my old sparring partner, I understand and appreciate your deep concern for your country.

We should however be conscious of the fact that it is Biden's DImocrat Party leading the nation and so far he and his colleagues have us well down the road to hell.

Fuel, food and commodity prices at an all time high.

Violent crime totally out of control from coast to coast.

Unrestricted illegal immigration threatening to overwhelm the country's welfare system thus denying indigenous Americans of their rightful benefits.

My sole concern is for America to survive four years of Blundering Biden's death-wish policies.

Side: Support from the people.
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Once al-Qaeda was subdued we should have handed the country back to the people and let them do as they wished.

People say that with the Taliban in control Afghanistan will drift back into the dark ages.

Well, from the standpoint where this nation is at right now they'll only have to go back 30 to 50 years. So, no big traumatic experience with that.

Side: Dread of their reputation.