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 Why won't the news talk about the protests in Washington DC? (6)

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Why won't the news talk about the protests in Washington DC?

In Washington DC there are millions of people protesting against Obama & his socialism.

But none of the news or medias have talked about it.

Are they censoring out the right?

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While I may be blinded and distracted by the effervescent light of Andeson Coopers sky blue eyes, Im pretty sure he's talking about it right now.

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The question is:

If a tree fell in a forest and no one was around to hear it, was it censored? No, it's just that nobody cares about the fucking tree.

I seem to be making this point every day, which isn't surprising when you're dealing with a political parties' issues... OBAMA ISN'T A SOCIALIST and he ISN'T HITLER. Realistically, in saying Obama is both, you're creating a paradox because Hitler was a fascist, which is at the opposite end of the political/economic spectrum (from socialism).

So basically, if you're running around the streets of DC with signs that contradict themselves and aren't applicable to reality, nobody will give a shit.

Maybe if they all put the signs down and turned in some applications for employment somewhere Obama wouldn't look like such a failure. He is only one man, he can't do your work for you while you're "busy" being a pretentious bigot.

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They won't bring up the idea that Americans disagree with Obama or show anything that could hurt him because they are very misguided. GE is do to make billions of dollars from the Obama spending bills so it will use is news (NBC) to everything it can to help Obama.

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That is very strange, and may be the news censoring. I don't really watch the news much, so I can't really give any input on the news coverage, but that doesn't sound normal--protests in millions are pretty noteworthy. >_>

I think tugman may be right about it being a misguided attempt at avoiding more division over healthcare, Obama, etc. But it is definitely misguided, the public has to know what's going on, and should be trusted to form their own opinions about it.

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Oh they sure talk about them, they say all kinds of BS.

But why don't they show them? Provide live footage? Because the audience wouldn't see a bunch of blood sucking racist hate mongers. They would see nice people that care about their country, that are waving American flags and cheering and bouncing beach balls around and having fun with live music.

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The did... a lot. A lot more than a gathering of village idiots merits.

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