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 Wikileaks: Hillary created ISIS (12)

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Wikileaks: Hillary created ISIS

We cannot let this sociopathic maniac into the Whitehouse...
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Is this opposite world? Did you read the actual excerpt supposedly proving this Wikileaks claim? It talk about putting pressure on two middle eastern countries because they are the ones funding ISIL. a) That would prove someone else other the Hillary or the USA was behind ISIL, and b) The lingo suggests the plan was counter ISIL, not champion them.

Has the conservative world lost its mind? I thought you guys were all about spotting and calling out bullsh!t. Any teenager could read that thing and see not only wasn't it a smoking gun against Clinton but that it appears to actual be anti-ISIL and you just toss that thing out there with a bold heading.

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She takes funding from said countries according to said countries and according to her own tax returns.

IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
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Care to provide the citation for said tax returns?

Grenache(6057) Clarified
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That's a separate debate. This debate is about Wikileaks and whether it proved Hillary created ISIS. I've torpedoed the Wikileaks example you provided. Do you have another?

First. ISIS was created before Hillary was Secretary of state, so the claim was objectively false.

Second, your source says that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were providing support for ISIL, not that Hillary Clinton, or even they, "created" ISIS.

Third, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are not the largest contributors to Clinton's campaign. By law they can't be.

Fourth, we have already verified that wikileaks has in fact released incorrect information in the past, meaning they do not have a 100% accuracy rate.

Fifth, this website has absolutely no understanding of what legally constitutes "treason".

Seriously, this website of yours is a complete joke.

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Don't forget about how she also facilitated 9/11

nobodyknows(745) Disputed
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Lolololololoool. That gave me a good laugh. As if that were in any way comparable to the bragging about sexual assault and adultry from the Trump tape. Come up with something better. Hillary has been in the public eye for decades, you e got to be able to do better. Don't be lazy and try and push this crap.

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See, this is the problem. The fact that you think any discussion of genitalia is equivalent to discussion of sexual assault means that you don't even understand why what Trump said was wrong in the first place.