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Will we contact a alien race from another planet one day?


Well there are thousnads of movies on aliens and ufo's now's a good time to debate it.

Yes,give it time

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nope,never going to happen

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I've used this argument before, but here we go!

Time for some crazy maths:

I'm going to use some current best guests and estimates, but don't let this subtract from the point I'm making.

Firstly we need to work out the number of stars in the universe. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, contains approximately two to three hundred billion stars. There are about one hundred billion galaxies, so (assuming all galaxies average at the same amount of stars as our galaxy) we have approximately 2x10(22).

Now we need to weed out a large number of these due to inhospitable zones; these are areas such as those close to black holes where the microwaves steralise the stars planetary systems, etc, etc. Current estimates base this as around 9/10 of stars in inhospitable areas, leaving us with 2x10(21).

From astronomical observations, it is noted that around 50% of all stars have planetary systems; so, we're now down to 10(21).

Fourth, many exoplanets likely do not possess the conditions we consider necessary to support life (water, appropriate temperature ranges, appropriate elements and minerals, energy sources such as sunlight or planetary heat, etc.). A reasonable guess might be that of those possessing planetary systems, only one star in ten will hold a planet that is habitable. This gives us 10(20) habitable planets.

Fifth, we do not know if life will always arise on habitable planets. If, as is turning out to be likely, the molecules from which life originates can form in space-ice, then probably all of the universe’s planets will have been inoculated by now. How much of this material then goes on to create life can only be a guess. Presumably, if the right conditions exist, eventually all will; but, to err on the conservative side, let us say that only one in a hundred habitable planets becomes a host to life. Thus about 10(18) (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 or one quintillion) life-bearing planets possibly exist in the visible universe.

I really like those odds.

Give it enough time, and eventually, we're going to end up meeting life from one of those other planets.

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I agree with you overall, but we also have to consider whether those planets with potential life have the complexity allowing for intelligence of some kind. Beyond that, the civilization of that intelligent alien must be a condition that we can communicate with them.

Imagine if extra-terrestrials visited just a million years ago--an extremely small amount in a galactic sense--we wouldn't have been in any position to say "hi" to visitors.

And if they bump into us a few million years from now, we may be gone.

None the less, we will discover non-terrestrial life. There will be traces of or potentials for intelligence. Chances are, none of us will be around to see it, sadly.

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If the aliens are intelligent, we don't know how they will communicate. It's likely that they will speak something other than English. I'm sure we can figure out a way to communicate once we find them though.

They may not be humanoid either and may evolve differently though with the trait of being an intelligent life form. But yeah, I think we just need the technology and the right instruments to find and contact other intelligent life forms.

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yeah supporting my own belief here in this debate. i would have to say condtions on other planets supprt life if not advanced life forms. Maybe not on Mars but somewhere in the Universe.

Supporting Evidence: Martian soil `could support life` (
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Yeah it's me but I had t redo the whole process again to get debating. forgot my own password somehow. lol. I didn't know all the math but that's exactly what I think too.

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The main problem is that the human race might not last long enough for it to happen. Even if there is a decent number of civilizations out there, we could descend into nuclear war and obliterate ourselves, or be hit by an asteroid or disease before we get a chance to be contacted.

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I have my doubts. I don't think there are aliens out there because they would have introduced themselves to us by now.

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