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Will Al Gore's new "We can solve it" campaign have an impact on Global Warming?

We can solve it (


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I sure hope it does. Gore should feature this guy in some of the ads. This guy puts forth a really rational argument that's hard to refute.
What's the worst that could happen?
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You [guy in the vid] forget Row C, climate change is real, but not anthropogenic, thus we spend money and disaster still happens. Thus the column A 'risk' actually does include the worst case scenario of column B but with the added bonus of less resources because money otherwise directed to survival technologies such as say, a Martian colony, is redirected into what essentially becomes an empty gamble. Thus your preposition is flawed because you use a false dicotomy between row 1 and row 2.

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Me too. I hope Al has a positive impact on global warming. His movie convinced me that he knows the optimal global temperature. We should give him total control of the world's thermostat and let him set it as he sees fit. He obviously has our best interest at heart. I trust him whole heartedly. He's got my vote.

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Anything any person in the media eye says about a popular issue is going to have an effect.

Whether that effect will produce positive results to change Global Warming is an entirely different matter. In that sense, I doubt as many people are listening to Gore as in the past.

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From the 'get ABC to run our ad' but of the 'we can solve it' campaign, I noticed that it insists green technologies will produce 'a stronger economy'. To me, that's just false. Since when did solar panels or wind turbines power steel mills? How can you expect to run a city's powergrid based on the reliability of fine weather?

Close to home, I've been told that a 50x50 km patch of solar panels will provide all the energy needs of Australia. People who fall for such extremism obviously do not understand the infrastructure costs associated with solar panels, nor the finer points of electrical power transmission, specifically how solar produces DC electricity whereas most city power grids and transmission lines run off AC, and the subsequent rectification needed. Although I do believe it probably does illustrate how little energy Australians consume.

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Who the hell listens to that dumb A?

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