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Will American Idol ever die off?

Will we ever see the end of American Idol or will Simon be still the show with an oxygen tank?


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Almost every show dies off eventually. There are a few exceptions and American Idol sure as hell isn't one of them. Though the show was entertaining for the first 5 seasons it took a dive for me with Paula Abdul going crack head on me. Just the other night she pulls out crayons and coloring books for Simon and then when Ryan asks what else she starts to say ' My Pus- " and Simon cuts her off and puts his hand over her mouth. Just weird stuff with Paula and its a total turn off. I think it is already dieing they have had less viewers this year than last year.

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I agree that every show eventually dies off. And I can see this in American Idol. Why else would they have hired that new judge? Purely for ratings, which I'm sure have been slipping.

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Every show will eventually die off, I believe that. People will just get tired watching all those things happening on the stage. They can dress it up differently but still its just a plain boring show once you have watch all those stupid glamor. Viewers just always wanted to try something new, and see new faces to showcase some real talent.

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Talent shows, and the rest of the spin-off freak shows are the modern day Colosseum... and even the Colosseum completed its cycle and eventually died.

The producers of these shows are clearly aware of the eminent downfall which is why they are bombarding us with the contestants' personal stories and dramas.

Oh and... specifically on American Idol... doesn't Ryan Seacrest get on your nerves?!!!!

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Every thing will die off. American Idol is going strong right now.

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Oh it will die off. In fact, it's already almost dead. None of my friends have ever talked about it. Once the judges that we loved left the show, people stopped watching it.

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It is now 2015 and the forthcoming 2016 season will be its last.

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Rather than the jaws of death I'll come out and say I hope not. The fourth judge drives me bonkers but the show is a wonderful avenue down which to walk into a dream that most young people would never see materialize. There is a great bit of talent up on that stage and I love TALENT. Paula can be a bit disconcerting at times but I also know she is ill so I can forgive her that. Simon is a hoot and a holler but he makes them better than they were, with any luck! Randy is just Randy and the three fit very well. The fourth could be used as an anchor on the Titanic.

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Lol I do agree without a doubt the 4th judge basically takes what all the other judges say and condenses it to something that doesn't even sound intelligent. Her reviews are almost always ridiculous and unneeded. I was unaware of Paula's sickness what is it? I thought she was on drugs or something. Simon makes that show without a doubt. All the funny and witty comments he makes about Ryan always cracks me up. Yo yo yo yo yo Randy fits in there somewhere I guess. I could live without Randy.

I love to watch it when people like David Cook make it and win when they go from being a bartender to a rock star amazes me and it makes me feel good in a way.

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When she was still a cheerleader, at age 17, she suffered a severe back injury which eventually led to a diagnosis of RSD; Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy which is a chronic, severe and very painful syndrome for which she takes the medication, Enbrel to control the pain episodes. Before the diagnosis she also suffered two car crashes and a plane crash which, sadly, worsened her condition! 25 years is a long time to live with that kind of pain.

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The way I see it, as long as there are people trying to audition to get onto the show, there will always BE a show.

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