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Late for the Q,of E's funeral! Row 14 for ''THE IMBECILE''.
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 Late for the Q,of E's funeral! (1)
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Will Biden, ''THE IMBECILE'', be late for his own funeral?

Broken down Biden 'THE IMBECILE'' and his long suffering wife arrived 10 minutes late for the Queen of England's funeral. The hapless couple had to wait outside Westminster Abbey for the funeral possession to pass and were then dumped into row 14, well behind most heads of state and other dignitaries.

Late for the Q,of E's funeral!

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Row 14 for ''THE IMBECILE''.

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THE IMBECILE can get nothing right.

He can't even do wrong right.

He and his wife stood like casual onlookers outside the Abbey looking in at the ceremony.

Side: Late for the Q,of E's funeral!
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How international respect for America has slipped in two short years.

THE IMBECILE has done more harm to America, both domestically and globally in two years than was ever considered possible before his comical, stumbling figure appeared on the political scene.


Side: Row 14 for ''THE IMBECILE''.