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Will Netflix Bring Blockbusters To It's Demise?


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Yes and no. Nowadays technology is moving so quickly that blockbusters is going to have to quickly adapt to all the new things coming on the market: it isn't. Blockbusters in ten years just will not be able to be still renting out dvd's and games; technology will have moved on by then, so personally I think blockbuster wil die out itself; everything comes to an end.

Netflix is becoming popular right now, but people still like the idea of going into a rental store, having a look around, reading the back of dvd's and judging what they like 'in the flesh', something impossible with Netflix.

Recently Netflix stock hit a 20-month low due to the fact that it is pretty much running out of money. It is hard for a company with so much debt (it just raised $400 million from investors) to bring down such a large company as Blockbusters.

Netflix has to overcome the problem of Blockbuster being an established household brand along with people being used to popping out to fetch a DVD.

So really I think not, with technology moving so quickly, new firms like Netflix that are pretty specific to current technology just could not adapt in the future.

Another argument to support Netflix (and also Blockbuster) going under themselves is the fact that along with the whole smartphone/tablet movement, companies like Google and Apple build in film rental into their app stores, used by their huge userbase. For the user it is just easier to go and rent a movie off the device they own, on the app store the know and use, no registration with a already registered card! Why go to Netflix when you can just go to the app store on your phone? Apple and Google just have too much access to peoples lives through the devices the use for someone like Netflix to take them on.

So personally I think Netflix and Blockbuster will both soon die out.

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:( It makes me sad, it did in my town. Our blockbuster closed. And I love Netflix, but they don't have the same selections. And I always rent this movie for New Years Eve, but since blockbuster closed I almost didn't get to watch it.

That was totally irrelevant to the question. X)

Eventually yes, Netflix will end Blockbuster. But then eventually something will end Netflix. :)

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I think i can understand how you feel. Sorry.

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Don't worry, the blockbusters in our town closed as well, and they replaced it with a supermarket 0.o Now THAT'S just lame..

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They haven't replaced ours with anything yet. And that is kind of lame lol.

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Netflix has ended least once and will finish them soon. Blockbuster had a great setup where you could rent online and exchange in the store...but you had to return the exchanged DVDs before you got new online DVDs. It worked great because I would always wait to exchange my DVDs until the new releases came out each week. Drove me to the store to buy more things. When Blockbuster stopped that system and detached the online form the store I cut up my card and switched to netflix. But, don't forget Netflix almost did the same thing just a few short months ago. They quickly killed their quickster idea.

Streaming will eventually overtake dvd mailings and whomever does that best (with the best selection) will win.

Yes, Netflix killed Blockbuster.

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Wrong, Blockbuster has in the mail ordering, online streaming, limited stores and Blockbuster Kiosk (like Redbox). The closing of the stores was just restructuring.

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I wasn't saying they were already completely dead, but in my world they died when they split the online rentals from the stores.

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Blockbuster is adapting to the market changes with their own in the mail movie deliveries. Plus, some Blockbusters will remain open so that customers can exchange at any time.

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Good thing about competition is that it causes old, inferior businesses to adapt to increasing demand.

We see this through Blockbuster vs. Netflix.

Netflix offered a service far superior to Blockbuster, and Blockbuster decided to do the same thing, offering the convenience of their store locations as an upper-hand. As well, Blockbuster also responded to Redbox by making their own boxes that you can find at certain locations.

I, at the moment, use Netflix because it, as far as I know, is cheaper and can be used on my Wii and PS3 while Blockbuster can't.

Who wins out of all of this? The consumer, of course.

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Although it did seriously hurt blockbuster I don't think that the company will die. They offer some of the same conveniences as netflix, now. They have mail delivery, movie kiosks, and if you still have one in your town you can go to the location and pick out a movie. In some ways they are a little better because you can rent games as well.

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