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Will Republicans Return to the White House?

Is this the beginning of the end?


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Another Federalist Party

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As much as some Dems would like to admit it, we need the Republicans. We, as in Americans as a whole, need a counterbalance to the Democrats. It'd be nice if we had several active parties on various "sides" of the political spectrum, but we'll settle for at least one opposition group with the ability to threaten those Dems who let this election get to their heads.

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Everything is cyclical... one day, we will dislike the democrats and the republicans will be elected again.

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"To everything there is a season" Yes, the Republicans will have their day again for it has been so from the beginning of our electoral process. The election of Barack Obama was a mandate, not only for Democrats but for Republicans to try and readjust their thinking and their tactics. For me, it's the person and not the party although my ideals run true for a Democratic connection. Be not disheartened Buster for really, what do we care who it is or what party they belong to just as long as they can get our country back to what it was before Bush was elected.

This is the dawning of not only a new day but a new era, I believe. No longer will the old male guard be the fixtures in Washington. They will die off and a younger person. male. female. black, white, Latino or any other ethnic group we can think of will represent us in a much different way. The ways of partisanship are dying out and we will seek our common good for all our citizens. Barack said it last night..."I'm your President too" and that was for all the people who hadn't voted for him. He's asking us, just like JFK did 45 years ago..."Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for our country! A mighty call to action for all of us. This is America, after all...the largest jar of mixed pickles in the world! I pray that we will once again be that beacon to the world. But have no fear, they will come again. It doesn't mean you're out of simply means you'll be asked to form a kinder, gentler business for the greater good.

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Last night was a huge defeat for the Republicans and a huge gain and victory for the Democrats. Once said to be dominant red states now are blue. Is this the beginning of the end for Republicans. Is this another Federalist party that once was in power for so long, but then fell apart and never recovered? OR will Republicans re-strengthen and gain back the white house and majority in Congress.

- I personally believe the Republicans will gain back power in perhaps 2016. The Dems by then, will probably have done something to upset the American people. But there is a chance that the Democrats will prevail and make America what it once was. If this happens it might mean, us Republicans are out of business.

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Of course they will, the Republicans have had MOST control since Lincoln, and yes, Dems took over a few times due to events, but Republicans will once again take their control, doing what Lincoln wanted for the country again.

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I like Obama, but he's far from perfect. In all likelihood, he or the Democratic party will screw up in one way or another. Maybe it'll be higher taxes, maybe reluctance to embrace drilling or nuclear power, maybe poorly-implemented universal healthcare or some foreign policy blunder; who knows?

Anyway, odds are that sooner or later they'll drop the ball. As a result, 5-15% or so of liberals will defect to the right, and the Republicans will be waiting in the wings. America has a habit of switching parties every 8-12 years, and there's no reason to believe it's going to stop now.

The Republican party may have been hurt, but the wounds are far from fatal; both parties have recovered from worse in the past. They still have plenty of support, not just in middle-America and the South, but also nationwide; as one-sided as the electoral vote may have been, Obama was only 6% ahead in the popular vote. It's likely the Republicans (and/or Democrats) will go the way of the Federalists some day, but it's not something that's going to happen in the near future.

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Only if the GOP changes and embraces Gay Marriage and women's rights.

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Read your bible. Specifically, Revelations. The end of the world is upon us. The Rapture could happen any momen....

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Sticks tongue out at my friend Joe...I'll give you a rapture you'll never forget!

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