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Will libs refuse to take Trump's COVID vaccine out of spite and fear

Martyrs for the cause

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Wait..., What? No!

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Joe Biden all the way. ;)

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Will libs refuse to take Trump's COVID vaccine out of spite and fear

Hello joe:

Not out of spite and fear, but out of common sense.. Being anti science, Trump put his flunky anti science yes men into positions of authority at the FDA, thereby compromising ANY vaccine that they approve.

Personally, I'll take a vaccine that SCIENCE approves of, but I'll NEVER take it if Trumps CRONY tells me I should..


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BaconHole(53) Disputed
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You like to say the word because it makes you feel smart, but you wouldn't know science if it slithered up your pant leg and tickled your hairy little fake jew scrotum.

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I wouldn't take ANY Trump vaccine, NOT out of spite or fear, out of distrust and intelligence. I WOULD take a vaccine out of CDC or WHO or Fauci, or Gupta, or Badhalia recommendation. I think most "libs" would. That's the type of "herd immunity" we have, we don't follow the lead cow. ;-)

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