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Will mankind ever have the technology to travel at light speed, wormholes?

It's a fun thing to think about. Star wars and Star trek would be proud. As far as light speed is concerned, not only producing the required energy to get to that speed, but the fact that matter expands at that speed provide extremely difficult obstacles to overcome. Traveling through the folds in the space/time continuum may prove less difficult depending on if we have to find them or are able to create them. Thoughts and opinions? Any Einstein's floating around here?


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In thory it should be possible if we could aquire dark energy (or some similar word)

This lies far past the bounderies of our current tecnological state.

but in the future, absulutly, it has allready been acheved in a laboratory.

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Probably not. I can't say with any certain that I know this, but I can say that it is outside of the realm of my understanding to even formulate a thought as to how we would travel at near light speeds.

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Nope, sorry.

I think the topics of time travel, wormhole-travel should be left to the comic strips and sci-fi movies, and not mainstream science

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