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Will science cure aging?


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Scientists have already discovered how to stop aging in mice, and even reverse some of the damage caused by aging. There are some problems with the process, such as significantly increasing the chances of cancer, but I'm pretty confidant they will eventually refine their methods and be able to stop the aging process.

It sounds great to not have to get old and decrepit, but if people live a lot longer it will cause significant overpopulation problems.

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I believe they will eventually find a "cure" for aging. However I don't know how the plant would support people only ever dying from illness and accidents and not old age.

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I believe they will find a cure, however, the cure will not be perfect and will need a lot of work in order to deal with side effects.

There is a reason why creatures die.

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Just as leading gerontologist, Aubrey De Grey, points out. Aging is what causes 100,000 or so deaths a day. It also causes most of the diseases that people die from.

While I don't think they will necessarily "cure" aging, I do believe they will find a way to keep us healthy all of our lives. A side effect of that will be longevity.

The arguments of over-population and the aging brain inside of a young body, are ridiculous.

Over-population - Society will adapt and people will delay having children just as they have over the last century (We used to only live 45 years or so).

I'm not going to get in a debate over my views. It's already been said and debated by professor De Grey and other highly intellectual people.

I advise to watch this video, and take that as my response to this question.

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Sure. People are machines, and when our parts wear out, they can be fixed. It might take a long time to figure it out, but I don't see any reason why there would be something we can't fix.

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I think science will one day cure aging. It will be so wonderful when it happens.

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Aging is a natural part of life. It's like dying, it will happen no matter what you do or say. This is just my personal opinion though :/

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Still I think that I would enjoy to live for thousand of years. See the humanity developing and exploring the galaxy rather that being before 2100...

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Age is not a illness, so it can not be cured. Sure, certain conditions brought about by the aging process can be treated, but age itself is a natural process of life.

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Cure aging? Is aging a disease? Whether it is or it is not, science will never cure it, meaning to put an end to the ailment. All we can ever hope to do is to fight the symptoms.

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