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Will spring break lose Bernie the nomination?

Since Bernie depends so heavily on the young college student demographic, will the fact that students in Michigan, Florida, and other states will be on spring break during their primaries lose Bernie those primaries and the nomination?

Yes, it's over

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No, because....

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Hillary would have won regardless. This just makes it more likely.

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I just can't see how Bernie expects to win the wet T-shirt contests, beer drinking contests, or beach volleyball tournaments. He'll be lucky if they don't yell "NERD!" and throw him in the ocean.

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Hillary will win no matter what. Donald trump is to bad and Bernie sander is to good so they settle will Hillary who is the mix of both.

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This is what the Democrat party put forth for people to choose. An avowed Socialist who would put the nail in the coffin of this nation, and a corrupt hillary Clinton who decided to try and hide all her corruption with a private email server to handle GOVERNMENT BUSINESS!

Who in their right mind would do such a thing and what sick administration would allow it to happen?

Even in the company where I work they would never allow a private server to do company business.

Please get this 8 year nightmare over with so America can get back to the Constitution, to honesty and freedom to the people. Right now we have a Democrat party taken over by extremists!

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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Oh man. Good for you buddy. Just a couple of months ago you didn't even know about Bernie Sanders.

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No, spring break will not lose Bernie the nomination because that would imply he would have had a chance otherwise.

Now, if the system wasn't rigged by the "super-delegates," then perhaps democracy could have found a real success.

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I don't support superdelegates.. AT ALL.

And I support Bernie.

However, do you really think Bernie could be winning if there weren't superdelegates? Idk.

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