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Will the Chi Coms shoot down Pelosi's plane as it heads toward Taiwan?


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Well, the Chinese are a clever people and know that not following through with a clear, unambiguous threat will be interpreted as weakness and debilitate their position in any future face-offs.

Either way, one of the parties involved is going to have to lose face and for the Chinese losing face isn't an option.

A badly planned show of defiance, and one that will probably result in THE IMBECILE having to POSPONE!! the trip as Nancy, who is 'a tribute to the embalmer's art' will have caught an aggressive strain of the CHINESE DISEASE.


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I'm sure you'll find Pelosi will not now visit Taiwan.

Unfavorable flying conditions will be one excuse considered for a change of the original proposed itinerary.

Or, in the true style of THE IMBECILE no comment will be the reply.

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They won't. It's all bluster and bravado. She should absolutely visit Taiwan. Not doing so projects weakness.

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Will the Chi Coms shoot down Pelosi's plane as it heads toward Taiwan?


Nahh... She'll be traveling in a US military plane. So NO.. I don't think they wanna start WW III over this. You go Nancy.. FUCK them Chinese..


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PickleHole(43) Disputed
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She'll be traveling in a US military plane

So was every American pilot that was ever shot down out of the sky. The Chinese air force isn't capable of knocking down one plane near their territory? GTFOH

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Wing Wang Woo would definitely not do.

To killosi Pelosi would cause a very bad grossi.

I would guess the Chinese will buzz her aircraft.

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