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Will the New York Giants repeat as Super Bowl champions?

Another ring for the G-Men?


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See the scene in video...... the Giants will be doing it again in February '09
Part 1...... Part 2 to come......
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The G-Men will definitely be back next year. The NFC is is by far the inferior conference and now that Eli and company have a little swagger in their step and a little confidence I think they will definitely be the team to beat.
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The confluence of events that have to conspire to bring you to the Super Bowl the year after you've won, and then to win again, is a daunting prospect. We can expect the Giants to be in the playoffs, but guaranteeing another ring is an impossible thing to do.
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Although it's been done many times before, winning 2 superbowls back to back takes a lot more than luck and skill to achieve. Eli's going to have to peak at the right time again next year for it to happen.
Supporting Evidence: List of Superbowl Champs (
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I think they were lucky to get there last year and there's no way that they're going to repeat next year. Go Redskins!!!!
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Negative ghost rider on this one!


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No way. They were a good team last year, but they might not get back Michael Strahan, the pro-bowler that had been helping them all season. Plus, they lose Jeremy Shockey, their pro-bowler tight end who helped them so much early on in the season. Two stars leaving the team won't let them repeat. Plus, the Cowboys are going to dominate their division: they won't even see the playoffs next year.

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Hell no, they are not going to win another Superbowl for a long time. The Pats slipped up and thats it. Giants got luck I mean Brady couldn't even throw the ball due to his injury, Pats played bad and so did the Giants the only difference is the Giants didn't play as bad.

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