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Will the USA or China be the 21st Century Superpower Pd #5

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The superpower of the future will be the United States, not China.

The winner of the Economy - USA vs China is- CHINA

Despite that the GDP of the United States is higher than China, the United States is more in debt than China. The United States GDP is about 16.77 billion dollars per year, which is higher than China's, 13.4 billion dollars per year. The United States is way larger than China's debt, which could be the end of the United States as a superpower. The USA is 16 billion dollars in debt, which is almost double China’s debt of 863.2 billion dollars. China’s economy also has more exports than the United States. China brings in more money through exports, which helps the economy. China makes 2.21 million dollars per year in exports. The United States only makes 1.57 billion dollars per year. China’s overall costs brought in and the lower amount of debt makes China a better candidate for the superpower of economy.

The winner of the Military - USA vs China is -USA

China’s military personnel has 3,712,500 people working while the United States has 2,363,675 people. Even though the US has less people working for the military, the United States military is still considered Number one in the world. The United States is leading the world because of the large about of weapons and military transportation. The United States total air strength is 13,762 while China only has 2,955. The advanced technology that is used to develop planes, boats, tanks, and other military transportation has pushed the United States ahead in the military race. The United states also has more in its military because the defense budget is bigger. The US defense budget is $587,800,000,000 while China spends $161,700,000,000. The bigger defense budget allows the United States to create a more advanced and more stable military. China does not spend as much on military because military is not China’s main focus.

The winner of the Political - USA vs China is -USA

In order to be the Superpower, a country needs following and influence. Helping other countries is a main way to make an influence. The United States sent out 32.7 billion dollars in financial assistance in a year, which was number one in the world. The UK was second at 19 billion dollars. China did not make it in the top three for helping other countries. China does give out financial assistance but nowhere near as much as the UNited states. The US also had the oldest working national constitution meaning it is a stable government. A key to being a superpower is having a stable country. China’s communist government has always had changes. Though the government in China has become more stable, it is not as advanced as the United States.

The United States will stay the superpower of the world because of the stable country system and the advanced military that continue to help the world.

SOURCES: id=china id=united-states-of-america

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The United States will be the 21st century superpower for quite a number of reasons.

1. Economy: Winner - The United States

Even though China has the second biggest economy, that doesn't mean it's flawless. China's ability to reform their economy today is questionable, and their financial sector of their economy is way behind ours. Their growth is slowing down, and their are economic inefficiencies everywhere, due the services sector reforms being extremely slow. They also fail to give investors consistently profitable real returns, and serious financial constraints due to excessive government involvement can threaten the future of their economy. They have an official exchange rate GDP of $10.73 trillion, and a per capita GDP of $14,600. On the other hand, our economy has a higher official exchange rate GDP ($18.56 trillion) than China's, a much higher per capita GDP ($57,000), and at the Bretton Woods meeting in 1944, world leaders decided to anchor their exchange rates in gold, which would then be tied to our currency: the dollar bill, thus making our currency the most important in the world. We also have a lower inflation rate (our 1.3% compared to China's 2%).

2. Military: Winner - The United States

We understand that they have more manpower, more technological advances, and more tanks and submarines, but just because you have all that stuff doesn't mean you have a strong military. They are still way behind the other powerful militaries in the world in terms of equipment and training, as lots of money is put in to equip and train China's gigantic military. All those problems, along with corruption, lack of competition, overruns in cost, delays, issues enforcing quality control, lack of combat experience (they hadn't engaged in combat with a foreign enemy, which was Vietnam, since 1979, which puts them at a disadvantage in terms of combat experience), a flawed organizational structure, and monopolies in the defense industry when it comes to getting new technology all complement the fact that although China's military is the most enormous in the world, it still has tons of issues it needs to fix before it can become superpower-worthy. Meanwhile, the United States military, while it's not as large as China's, it certainly is quite big and is much more capable than China's as it doesn't have most of these problems which puts it at an advantage.

3. Politics: Winner - The United States

Although China has influenced many other countries around the world, it’s not as big as an influence as the United States. China’s economy is only the second-biggest, beaten by the United States. Yes, China’s influence is growing, however, even Russia is more influential than China. Plus, they are a communist nation, and back then, communist nations were seen as a threat according to the Domino Theory, so they’ve had a little catching up to do since then in terms of influence. They’ve also had some problems over the years, and that should not influence any country. Meanwhile, the United States has done some remarkable things. It boldly declared independence from Britain in 1776, led the allied powers in World War II, and it has lots of countries who happen to be friends with them, along with the biggest economy and military. Whatever happens in the United States always seems to have an influence on the world. When the 2016 presidential election happened, everyone was watching, and for a good cause, too. The victor (who was Donald Trump) would lead the world’s most powerful country, which had the strongest economy and military. Sorry China, but we win.

Sources: next-superpower/

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Here are my final thoughts on the subject at hand. While I know that China has a huge economy, a huge military, and a huge influence, "huge" doesn't always mean it's the best. They all have some problems, while on the contrary, our country has less problems than China. Plus, our influence is bigger. So, we win.

Winner: The United States

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I agree with what you said about China's amount of manpower. More people does not mean better.

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The United States will remain the global superpower.

In terms of economics, China does win. At this rate, the GDP of China raises faster than the GDP of the United States. This year, China's GDP grew by 6.8 percent, compared to the United States, which only grew by 3.3 percent. The second reason as to why the economy of China is better than that of the United States is because of the exports. China exported $2.21 trillion dollars worth of goods, while the United States exported only $1.5 trillion dollars worth of goods. Though the economy of China is better than that of the United States, an economy is not the only factor that goes into play when it comes to a global superpower.

In terms of military power, the US wins. The US has a military budget of $664 billion dollars, compared to China's $215 billion dollars in its military budget, which gives the US access to lots of weapons since the budget is so high. Another reason the US military is better than that of China is because of how the US has been involved with wars very actively, and China has not been in a war since 1979. This is important because the US has been able to try new war tactics during wars, and China has not been able to try new tactics for wars since it has not been in any wars for so long. In those 2 ways, the US is superior to China in terms of military power, but the political system is also a major factor for deciding whether or not a country is a global superpower.

In the terms of how the political system works, the US definitely wins. China is a communist country, which means citizens have fewer rights, and do not personally own their own property, since the government does.Also, they are not allowed to speak out about anything that may expose the government of China. On the other hand, the government of the US is democratic, which gives citizens basic rights and lets one own their own property. Another reason the government of the US is better than the government of China is because of censorship. China's government censors any information that may expose anything about China, and will not allow anything it doesn't want in to come in. Unlike this, the US will not censor anything it does not want, as to keep its freedom of speech.

To conclude with all of this information, the United States will likely stay the global superpower.

Websites used:

Wikipedia, all of the wars China fought


Indexmundi, economy of US and China

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The United States will be the future super power for these reasons.

1. Economy Winner- China

China's growth GDP growth rate percentage is greater than the United State's, with a peak of 11.9% in 2007.This is more than the U.S's GDP growth rate peak of 4.4%, which was accomplished in 2004. China continues to grow its economy and bring in more money. China has always had a higher GDP than the United States because they produced many goods and services. Additionally, the United States has a higher external debt than China, as of 2017. The U.S's debt is about $18,624,000 , while China's external debt is approximately $1,562,000. This shows that China has a significantly lower external debt than the U.S. External debt shows how much a country relies on other countries. The United States is more dependent on foreign countries than china.

2. Military Winner- USA

Although China has more militants, the United State's technology for the military has more advanced weapons compared to China's military. One example of this is that China only has about 260 nuclear weapons, while the United States has around 7,200 nuclear weapons. Also, the United States runs on a larger budget than China. The USA's budget is approximately $692 billion. China's military, however, only runs on about $100 billion, which makes it harder to access more better technology or weapons that could eventually be beneficial. In the Chinese government, there are approximately 3,353,000 militants. In the United State's military, there are only around 2,227,200 militants. Although the Unites States is outnumbered, people wise compared to China, the U.S has more resources, technology, and funding.

3. Political Winner- USA

The United States is a federal republic, meaning, it has a president, federal courts, and Congress, that share powers China, on the other hand, is ran by a semi-presidential socialist republic run by a single party. The United states has 2 main parties that contribute to who goes into the power of being the president. These main parties are the Democrats and the Republicans, and there are also a few more smaller parties that can contribute. China only has 1 party, the Communist Party. Citizens do not have a choice when it comes to voting, and are forced to go with the government's decision. Also influence on other countries go into a political status of a country. The United States has given other countries about $31.55 billion in financial assistance this year, which is called foreign aid. China has given a far less amount of money compared to the U.S, which effects their influential position on the world. The United States is a key for many countries and their financial state.

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I think that America will continue to be a world superpower because we have the most qualities that make a country a superpower.

In economics though China will overtake us. One reason being that China already has about 500 billion more dollars than us, and their growth rate is at 6.7% per year and the US's being at 1.%. This means that china is already ahead of us and will continue to be. Also in China the average monthly pay is 327 US dollars while in America it is Around 3,400 dollars a month. This means work gets done cheaper in china. In addition China exports about 0.60 billion dollars worth of goods more than America every year.

In military strength however the US takes the lead. Even though China has about 1 million more active military personal than the US we have more equipment. For example we have a Navy of 436 known vessels including 20 carriers and 85 destroyers. While China has a Navy of 749 known vessels, with only 1 carrier and 32 destroyers(the rest being corvettes and frigates which could be easily beaten by a destroyer.) Also The US has about 8,000 more aircraft than China which allows them to provide air support to all situations. In addition America's Military budget is 554.2 billion which allows us to make and create more equipment and technology. China still has a large military budget of 215 billion but that doesn’t allow them to expand as fast as the US does.

In political strength the US wins again. One reason being because America Allies in every continent(except Antarctica)that would help America influence their enemies. China however has little to no support in North America making it hard for them to make an impact there. Another reason is that communist countries tend to fall apart(Soviet Union) due to uprisings and lack of money. Communist countries limit the things their followers can do, and for this reason many countries would never willingly join communist China. America on the other allows more freedom and more countries prefer that. For these reasons I think America is and will continue to be the worlds superpower.


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I agree with this. Though China has the better economy, we still have an upper hand in our military. With the military budget, we can afford very expensive weapon projects that can devastate others. With many allies by our side, we also may win on the political competition.

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The US will remain to be the global superpower and not china.

Economy: Winner The United States

The USA is the winner of this section because even though China has the second largest economy but the US is still first. Also, the US is getting capital or money from china because of the skilled migrants coming to america. People reshoring from china to america has created about four million jobs in america in 2008. China has a lower gdp and it is 11.2 trillion usd. The US has a higher gdp by more than 7 trillion more uds and the total amount of gdp that the US has is 18.57 usd.

2. Military: Winner The United States

The US is the winner of this section. China has more active personnel, more people available for military, more tanks, more artillery, more, more self propelled guns, more fighter planes, more naval ships, more frigates, more corvettes, and more submarines. However, the US has more reserved personnel, more nuclear warheads, more AFVs, a larger budget, more multirole aircrafts, more attack aircrafts, more helicopters, more aircraft carriers, and more destroyers.

3. Politics: Winner The United States

The US is the winner of this section because China is a communist country while the US is a constitutional federal republic. Also, China doesn't have any groups like environmentalist or labor unions to put pressure on the government while the US does.


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1.Economy - China wins

In the past 14 years China has always been ahead of the United States in the total of people living in the country. China has over 1 billion more people in there country than there is in ours. China has 1.379 billion people and the USA has 323.1 million people. Over all china has a bigger population than the USA does. China also has a better trade than we do. China’s workers work more hours and get paid less and the US citizens work less and get paid more, so the job hours and money are flipped.

2. Military - The USA wins

The USA has 11,000 more fighter planes than China. China has 2,955 and we have 13,762. Plus are fighter planes have better technology and there missiles are more advances. Also are pilots have more experience with the planes and very skilled with them. The USA is also better than China in the military because we have 4 billion dollars more to are military than China does. China military money is $161,700,000,000 and the USA $587,800,000,000, one of the reasons that we have so much money for are military is that bare taxes are so high


3. Political - The USA

For centuries China stood as a leading civilization, outpacing the rest of the world in the arts and sciences, but in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the country was beset by civil unrest, major famines, military defeats, and foreign occupation. After World War II China imposed strict controls over everyday life and cost the lives of tens of millions of people. After 1978, MAO's successor DENG Xiaoping and other leaders focused on market-oriented economic development and by 2000 output had quadrupled. For much of the population, living standards have improved dramatically and the room for personal choice has expanded, yet political controls remain tight. Since the early 1990s, China has increased its global outreach and participation in international organization. Britain's American colonies broke with the mother country in 1776 and were recognized as the new nation of the United States of America following the Treaty of Paris in 1783. During the 19th and 20th centuries, 37 new states were added to the original 13 as the nation expanded across the North American continent and acquired a number of overseas possessions. The two most traumatic experiences in the nation's history were the Civil War (1861-65), in which a northern Union of states defeated a secessionist Confederacy of 11 southern slave states, and the Great Depression of the 1930s, an economic downturn during which about a quarter of the labor force lost its jobs. Buoyed by victories in World Wars I and II and the end of the Cold War in 1991, the US remains the world's most powerful nation state. Since the end of World War II, the economy has achieved relatively steady growth, low unemployment and inflation, and rapid advances in technology.


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The Unites States will be the superpower of the future.

Economy winner: China

The economic systems of China and the US are relatively similar and neither one is completely flawless. The deciding factor that sets the US back is their astonishing amount of debt. They have over 20 trillion dollars in debt whereas China has over 4 trillion (money in USD)

Military winner: US

China may have more man power than the US, but that doesn't make them better. Children in China are forced into the military at age 18-24 and there is no minimum age for voluntary service. Every Chinese citizen is, has been, or will be in the military at some point in their life, even inexperienced people and children. In the US, the minimum service age is 18 years, or 17 years with parental consent.

Government winner: US

Similarly to the economic systems, the governments of China and the US are fairly similar. It is divided into branches. One difference between the two systems is that the US is split into 2 major political parties: democratic and republican. The US is also a democracy, meaning that the citizens get to have a say in who leads them. China is communist. Essentially, this means that all property is publicly owned and everyone gets paid based on their abilities and needs.

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iotahinabecause The U.S. economy remains the largest in the world in terms of nominal GDP. The $19.42 trillion U.S. economy is 25% of the gross world product. The United States is an economic superpower that is highly advanced in terms of technology and infrastructure and has abundant natural resources. However, the U.S. economy loses its spot as the number one economy to China when measured in terms of GDP based onPPP. In these terms, China’s GDP is $23.19 trillion exceeds the U.S. GDP of $19.42 trillion. However, the U.S. is way ahead of China in terms of GDP peca pitata in nominal terms as well as PPP; GDP per capita (PP) for the U.S. economy is approximately $59,609 versus $16,676 in China. In nominal terms, China’s GDP per capita further falls to $8,480.

China has transformed itself from a centrally-planned closed economy in the 1970s to a manufacturing and exporting hub over the years. Since it initiated market reforms in 1978, the Asian giant has achieved economic growth averaging 10% annually (though it’s slowed recently) and, in the process, lifted almost half of its 1.3 billion population out of poverty and become the undisputed second-largest economy on Earth. The Chinese economy has already overtaken the U.S. economy in terms of GDP, based on another measure known as purchasing power parity (PPP), and is estimated to pull ahead of the U.S. steadily in the following years. However, the difference between the economies in terms of nominal GDP remains large with China's $11.8 trillion economy. The Chinese economy has long been known for its strong growth, a growth of over 7% even in recent years. However, the country saw its total GDP growth go down to 6.7% in 2016 and is projected to slow to 6.6% in 2017, and further decline to 5.7% by 2022. The country's economy is propelled by an equal contribution from manufacturing and services (45% each, approximately) with a 10% contribution by the agricultural sector.

Supporting Evidence: i found (
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China will be the superpower of the 21st century because of its' economy. an economy is by far the most important aspect of a superpower because a larger economy allows for the country to spend more on its' defense and to make rivals depend ant on products from that country. China has 1.6 times the purchasing power of America which will allow it to buy more products from other countries. China's GDP is growing 4 times faster than the GDP of America meaning that it will soon catch up to and surpass the U.S. in economy. China exports to the U.S. 4 times more than the U.S. exports to China. Many American businesses rely on cheap components from China. This means that China could stop the inflow of these products if it wanted to and put America in a dilemma.

Robots can harm an economy because robots replace human jobs which causes unemployment. China has 3 times less robots per worker per than America meaning that China is far less likely to encounter this economic disaster.

The Chinese military is catching up to the U.S. military in many aspects. China's military expenditure is catching up to America and will probably catch up within the 21st century which will allow it to produce more weapons. China's large economy will produce weapons for cheaper prices than Americas' smaller economy allowing china to produce more weapons.

America will most likely remain the superpower of the first half 21st century because it has a larger weapon stockpile and has not been hit yet by the rob tic economic crisis. china will overtake the U.S. in the second HF of the 21st century because their economy will remain intact ND their military expenditure will catch up.

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Economics winner: China

China is the winner in the economy section because compared to the United States, China has made more money as well as keeping the money. China's exports have made the country 2.1k dollars in the year of 2013. China could also take over because they are nearly out of dept unlike the United states which are in dept by 16k dollars in 2013 and China was in dept at 1.2k dollars. China has been able to keep their economy stable as they send out exports and take in imports.

Military winner: China

All of the residence of China are required to be trained in the military. When the kids in China get to high school they are required to take military training in case of emergency.China also has the biggest military which not only makes people stronger but makes the nearby and other countries fear China.

Political power winner: China

China became communist so other countries joined in and became Communist. China has showed other countries that their country makes wise decisions that is for the best so other countries follow along. China has influenced other countries by their imports and exports and setting a goal that countries want to mew. China has led many countries to be influenced by them.

Final thoughts:

China could win because overall China has overcome the United States goals and excitements. China can maintain there economics, China can make their forces stronger, and China can take political power by influencing other countries. The United States have fallen short of the achievements of China

Side: China
Lucario(33) Disputed
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I don't think that's true. More/bigger isn't always the best. There are still lots of issues they have with each. If you want to know what I'm talking about, look at my sources and my argument.

Side: United States
Nikita456(12) Disputed
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I agree with your thoughts on the economy, but the status of a country's military does not depend on only the amount of people they have. USA's military has more advanced weaponry and still have less people. The US has more funding and resources, which makes their military much stronger than China's. I also disagree with China's political position. Even though many countries followed in their footsteps and became communist, communism is a bad thing. Therefore, China had a negative effect on other countries, which leads people to see that China has a negative influence on the world. These two things are crucial for which country becomes the next Superpower, and China fails to meet these stable positions.

Side: United States
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Side: China
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China will be the next superpower and here are the reasons why.

1.) Economy Winner: China

For China's GDP growth rate has a higher percent, meaning that China has grown more than the United States, money wise in their in their economy. The United States has only grown from -2.6% to 4.1% and is now going down even more, but China has grown as much as 11.9% and is still growing today, making them have a stronger economy. This is important because the United States should be growing in their rate, but they aren't. On the other hand, China is growing. Another reason why China has a better economy is that, their current account balance is way higher than the United States. The United States had -$360,700,000,000 in 2013 and negative dollars before as well, meaning that they owe a lot of money. However, China has had over 30 billion dollars from 1999-2013. This shows how China has more money in their accounts than the United States. This is important because the United States cannot pay for as much as China can.

2.) Military Winner: China

China's manpower availability has been over 300,000,000 since 1999 and mostly keeps going up, but the United States has had close to the same number of people in the military since 1999-2013. This is important because the more people there are in the military, the more people can go to bases and fight against other countries. Also, more can train and help out other people. Another reason why China's military is better than the United States is because of their manpower reaching militarily significant age annually. China's manpower reaching militarily significant age annually has been higher than 10 million people since 2000 to 2010. However, the United States has only had over 2 million from 2000 to 2010. This is important because in China, over 10 million people are eligible to join the military, but the United States only has 2 million people who are able to join the military in the age range.

3.) Political Winner: United States

The United States is federal republic, meaning that the central government has power over everything political in the United States. This shows a lot of power. On the other hand, China is a semi-presidential socialist republic ran by a single party, meaning that 1 person makes the decisions which shows very little power. This is important because, if more people are making a decision, there can be more said, but with one person making everything up is not very powerful. Also, the United States has 2 main government parties which are the Republican party and the Democratic party and has 3 branches of government, as well. In China though, they have 1 party which is the Communist party. This is important because having 2 or more parties to choose from gives off a variety and is more helpful in thought concerning the government.

sources:;=ch&c;=us&l;=en id=china

Side: China
lukeh(21) Clarified
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I think that china is the winner too but you must consider that in a military, manpower is not everything. Modern wars are fought by weapon systems such as tanks and fighter planes, not overwhelming waves of soldiers.

Side: United States
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china economics:

china wins economics because of the comparison to the US and china's dept the US cannot keep there dept stable unlike china which is 4 times less than the US in dept by 18.96 trillion dollars while china is in 4.3 trillion dollars of dept also the amount of money they make from exports is another factor why china dominates in 2016 the U.S trade deficit with china was 309.6 billion so the U.S relies on china for supply's.

China military:

The china military is very strong they have over 2,000,000 men and women that serve in the military in high school you are required to take a military training class for emergence. Most of them end up going to the military but man power is not the most crucial element in any war or conflict you also need special forces,aircraft, and technology which The US outnumbers china.

China politics:

China is a communist country the population has been rising so much that the government had to make a law that you can only have a max of to children also china has been kind of encouraging other countries into being communist because they have been successful with all of there exports.

Side: China
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China will be the 21st Century Superpower for many reason....Here is why.

Economy.USA vs China- China

China has the bigger selective things for there economy. Looking at graphs, china has more reasons for being so high in there industries. they have a higher rate in winning then the United States does. China also has the highest rate based on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). Even Though China's Population is less than the U.S it still has higher rate it still beats the U.S. Winner- China

Military: China

China has a higher military power for Manpower, and men fit for the military.China ha 2.3 Million member armed forces. The U.S Only has advantages in a few areas but China's improved performances could raise cost lengthen the conflict, and increase risks to the United States. winner- China

Side: China
Bloopy(13) Disputed
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China's population is more than the U.S and where is the political power?

Side: United States
qv23oriem(10) Disputed
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I disagree because china does not always have a higher rate in economy. Yes they have a large economy but the united states economy brings in way more GDP and imports. Also it is incorrect that China's population is smaller than the USA. China has a massive population crushing the US.

Side: United States
Frankles(2) Disputed
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What's China's political power and what does the us have the makes China better than them.

Side: United States
Cowanw(10) Disputed
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I agree but eventhough china has a higher amount of manpower it dosent mean that it is better. It might not be better because if the US has better weapons but less men the US could still win.

Side: United States
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China will be the 21st Century Superpower because of a number of reasons.

Economy Debt, Winner: China

China has a better Economy in Debt because since 2000-2014 China has been at the same point in debt and the U.S. has been increasing their debt. China has a better debt than the U.S. because when China built its economic growth it didn’t cost that much. Right now (2017) the U.S. owes about $20,603,755,500,902.

Military Manpower, Winner: China

China has better Manpower than the U.S. because China has more people to fight for the country. Throughout the years China has gained manpower to support their Military. China has about 290,335,670 more men than the U.S. Just because China has more men there can be a possibility of them losing a war, but more Manpower means that you have a more of a chance winning.

Political Influence, Winner: U.S.

The U.S has a better political influence because the U.S has a Democratic government and China has a Communist government. This means that some people prefer Democratic than Communist. Many people find the U.S. political power strong for a number of reasons. Some people like to live in a country that has Freedom to somethings (U.S.) unlike China that has not a lot of Freedom.

Side: China
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I agree with this because China has a stable economy and military which could put them in the lead. The United States may have political influence but the might not be enough to stay in the lead.

Side: China
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China will be the winner for each of these categories.

China's Military-

Military age is 18-24 years of age for selective compulsory military service, with a 2-year service there is no minimum age for voluntary service. atilt 2.3 million are in service for the army and active. there ARE 7 branches of military they are very similar to the us.China's manpower availability has been over 300,000,000 since 1999.

Pol tics- China is a communist country and the population has been increasing so much that the population is 1.343 billion people.China has been successful with all of their exports that they have made 1.90 trillion dollars off them. China has tried influence other countries to become communist.

Econ mics- China's GDP growth rate has a higher percent,and China has grown more than the United States the us only has 1.7 percent while China has 9.28%. The us has four times the debt of China.

Side: China