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Will the Unification Church endure now that Rev. Sun Myung Moon has died?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon died early Monday morning September 3rd in South Korea.  Do you think the Unification Church (followers known as moonies) will endure?

Moon and his wife are introduced during the Affirmation of Vows part of the Interreligious and International Couple's Blessing and Rededication Ceremony, 2002, at New York's Manhattan Center. Some 500 to 600 couples participated in the New York ceremony, and an estimated 21 million couples participated worldwide via a simulcast to 185 countries.

Bridegroom Uriah Buscovich from California and his bride, Moona Field from Argentina, exchange their wedding rings during the mass wedding ceremony.

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Moonies?.... hehehe, but seriously though.... I know very little about them butt I sure hope the Moonies and the Mooners alike endure through this diffiCULT time.

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Well, I supposed it's existed this long without my knowing about it. So, it's just as easy to believe that it will continue to exist without my caring about it.

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