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Will the digital social media age crush BOTH the Republicans and Democrats?


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We can only hope.

But think about the examples in the article...

Trump prevailed despite all the original Republican Party core believing he had zero shot.

Sanders nearly prevaled over Clinton.

The old roles of the Parties grooming and screening candidates impress nothing on the masses who think they already know what they need to know to pick their candidates and essentially distrust the Parties.

The Republican Party is in the early shots of a Civil War. The Democrats will be too as soon as the next round of establishment/anti-establishment Democrat choices are put on the table.

Let me be candid: As much as I despise ultra conservative positions, and the Republican choke hold on Washington, I also see a glimmer of hope if what these recent events are really signalling is the soon to come death of the two party monopoly on the US. Indeed that may be the only silver lining in this pillaging and raping of our country.

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