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Yes, $+/- humans No, homogenisation
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Will the human race split into two species?

GM haves vs. have-nots.

Yes, $+/- humans

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No, homogenisation

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On the other hand, while we may not split into two species, GM could very likely divide the human race into super-enhanced "Alphas", a partially modified middle class, and an underclass composed of rejects that were not modified for various reasons. (Ethical qualms, religion, financial restrictions.)

Or maybe it will just be two almost separate species of modified and unmodified, but with the same class roles as above. Then we could really grow to be like the Morlocks and Eloi.

Supporting Evidence: This is an awesome movie example. (
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As long as capitalism and free market mechanisms are in effect, it will be parental love which will guarantee paid-for human enhancement.

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Hmm...this makes me think of the Morlocks and the Eloi from The Time Machine.

Evolving into a new species? Most likely. Adaptive radiation makes us evolve into multiple species? Perhaps.

However, I don't think the world is divided enough as is to currently entertain the possibility of the haves and have-nots separating into distinct species.

Supporting Evidence: Although it is interesting to imagine. (
Side: No, homogenisation